Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Sailor

Continuing on from my post on Einstein's Relative, I find myself having milkshakes at breakfast again. Mum reassured me it was a good protein source and not to worry about it.

Mum is kind of awesome.

This time it was at Hello Sailor, a bright and friendly addition to Auburn Road, where I was instantly wooed by their gingerbread milkshake. It's a little chunky, but that's because there's actual gingerbread biscuit blended through it. Nothing to dislike about that!

Brad's first coffee probably had a little too much foam in it, but without any prompting from us, the waitress whisks it off our table and replaces it with a fresh one before Brad can even touch it. 

Brad's breakfast bun with a beef and herb sausage (more like a pattie) with fried egg, cheese, rocket, and relish on brioche was quite a mouthful of flavour. I had instant food envy when I sampled it, loving the soft egg yolk that just sailed it's way over the meat and infusing into the brioche. Yum.

My baked eggs with salsiccia, tomato and chilli, although were presented beautifully weren't the best baked eggs I had ever had. I found it on a whole to be a little too wet for my liking, the sausages lost in a sea of red, although it was nice to scoop up with all the bread. That said, the bread was amazing. I normally limit myself to just half of a slice, but at Hello Sailor I demolished one piece. 

On this particular morning, Brad and I were on a bit of a time limit since he had to make his way to his soccer game, so it's hard to say if it felt like the food took a little while to come out because we were under a bit of pressure, or if it actually took a while, however the people sitting next to us (who I happened to know) commented that they had been waiting a while for their food as well. I assume since they're quite new they're still working out some kinks, and although I wasn't enamoured with my dish, I did very much enjoy Brad's, so there's still promise here. 

Perhaps next time I'll lead with my sweet tooth and opt for the vanilla porridge with apple, cinnamon and hazelnuts…because that's totally what sailors eat…right? 

89 Auburn Road

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  1. Love the little sailors' puns you peppered all over this post. :D And that lovely photo of the baked eggs has convinced me to grab a proper brunch today as opposed to a bowl of Pho. Pity it was a bit too wet, but hopefully your feedback will help them improve!

    1. Couldn't help myself! :D I should definitely do more pho bowls, but can't resist eggs for breakfast...

  2. Your mum is indeed awesome and wise. The milkshake and breakfast bun look delectable!

    1. I can only hope to be as wise as she is one day :)

  3. I have so fallen off the cafe brunching band wagon. And such pretty pictures!

    1. I think i stay on just because it's the easiest way to get Brad out for a meal! :B