Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lucky Penny

Although I do enjoy my lazy weekends with Brad, where we're often not at brunch until 11am or so, I am most definitely a morning person. So when Brad was away running around in Europe (during the World Cup mind you), it was quite refreshing to organise a breakfast cafe catch up at 8:30am, with a chilly nip in the air, and be the first person in the cafe. 

The cafe of choice this particular morning, was Lucky Penny, in the heart of Chapel Street, right across the road from the Jam Factory. 

The decor follows the Scandinavian trend that's becoming more and more prevalent in cafes (taking over from hipster warehouse chic), which is uncluttered, clean and bright, with a minimalist approach to colour. It's quite soothing. 

Lovely hot drinks warm our hands and bellies, as people start trickling into the cafe as the morning continues on.

Again, Lucky Penny had caught my eye as a cafe catch up spot, as I had been drooling over the menu online. With a fun mix of classic brunch options, healthy goodness (such as the superfood breakfast bowl) and indulgent delights (lamington milkshakes anyone?), there was plenty to be tempted by.

Although I did want a milkshake, I figured 8:30am might be just a tiny bit too early for that.

So instead I did the most next sensible thing. 

Order possibly the heaviest dish for breakfast instead. 

Hey, it's winter, it's the perfect timing for that kind of stuff!

Black pudding, spiced jam, chicken livers and brioche with poached eggs. Yeow. Delicious. Hello hearty protein kick! I absolutely adored the fact that Lucky Penny was bold enough to put the livers on the menu, as I imagine the general Chapel Street traffic might not typically gravitate towards it (but I sure hope they do!).

Loved the fluffy and decadent brioche, leaving a nice buttery feel in the mouth, and that the black pudding that's made in house that didn't have too much of a spicy kick but a nice savoury flavour. So maybe not everyone's thing, but definitely mine!

My visit to Lucky Penny was brief, but very enjoyable. Staff were friendly and attentive, and were sporting some rather snazzy looking tattoo sleeves. Perhaps Chapel Street is finally getting some quality food where it's lacking most, I for one will definitely know where I'm going for a mid-shopping lunch break if in the area... 

481 Chapel Street
South Yarra

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  1. Ah that dish looks fantastic! Love anything with blood pudding during breakfast as it just makes it nice and hearty :)

  2. Lamington milkshakes?! Yes please! Your breakfast looks great, love the oozing egg.. yum!