Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo Diary - Ho Chi Minh

Stumbling upon my folder of photos from my visit to Ho Chi Minh in March with my cousin and her friend, I felt it was only benefitting to share. It's a remarkably romantic, but rustic place, that I'm really quite sad to see has finally adopted McDonalds and big malls with high street brands that every other country has.

But fortunately, there's still so much charm, so much to love.

Upon arriving, we discovered Cafe RuNam right next door to our hotel. We were smitten. 

While my cousin and her friend explored the Cu Chi Tunnels, I wandered the city centre, picking up breakfast along the way for a mere 19,000 dong. $1. Bliss.

Are there many better ways to start the day while the sleepyheads sleep in? Sure, it's no hole in the wall, but the pho at RuNam was still very delicious, and also air-conned and wifi-ed.

I love the density and vibrance of the Ben Thanh market. It's always very easy to get carried away buying lotus seeds and dried coconut nibbles.

Avocado shakes make for the best meals. surprisingly hard to find around town, but so cheap at the markets!

Sure. It ain't no Vietnamese, but Pizza 4P's is surprisingly amazingly good and a refreshing change after a couple of solid days of rice and noodles with a mix of traditional and Japanese inspired flavours. Don't forget the light-as-air  fluffy tiramisu 


  1. That pho looks scrumptious! I just want to slurp it all up.

  2. I'm setting today aside to catch up on my holiday posts... such a daunting task really.. sorting through 1000's of photos and deciding which ones to publish on the blog.

    RuNam is quite a luxurious way to start your morning, with A/C, wifi, laptop and matcha latte. And the pho still looked very 'street'! Good call!!