Saturday, March 14, 2015

A25 Pizzeria

At A25 Pizzeria, the message is simple.

Pizza is sexy.

Hell yeah it is.

I ended up at A25 with Brad and a bunch of guy friends after a lively afternoon of lawn bowls at the Windsor bowling club, which sounds really lame, but is actually totally fun. We were so lucky to have the most stunning weather for it too!

And when the weather is this stunning, you simply have to sit outside, where it always seems to be shaded, but you get a lovely breeze blowing past regularly. 

You also must simply get a blood orange Italian granita, when you’re not quite in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, which is so refreshing. 

The Roman chips were a good call on my half (don’t trust boys to order all the good stuff), which are essentially freshly fried potato crisps with parmesan shavings and cracked pepper. Kind of wish I had ordered two baskets of these, as these were simply moreish. Just the right amount of cheese, I loved how crispy the potatoes were, but also the fact that there was some body to them, these weren’t razor thin. 

Around the table, the boys tucked in to the Bunga Bunga pizza (awarded best pizza in 2013 at their sister pizzeria NSP), with for di latte, tomato, berkshire sausage, porcini mushrooms and parmesan as well as Man’s Man pizza with for di latte, tomato, leg ham, cacciatore salame, berkshire sausage, scamorza and parmesan. Both were well received and gobbled up in half a minute. 

I had to of course get ‘Sexy Truffle’ with for di latte, white truffle cream, mushrooms, radicchio and parmesan shavings. As the name might suggest, the pizza was delightfully aromatic, and although this could have  been very rich very quickly, the fresh radichio on top cuts through nicely. Really well done gluten free base as well.

Next time, I’ll definitely pick a pizza from the ‘Crazy’ section, with combinations like roasted potato, rosemary, fresh ricotta, raspberries, mint and black sea salt or cream of dates, berkshire sausage, radicchio, pecorino shavings and liquorice dust (which I’ve been told is actually very good). 

To wrap up, a little sweet pizza to share, with nutella, strawberries, coconut snow and mint, with a couple of scoops of ice-cream as well of course! The boys hadn’t been interested in this initially, but once it hit the table, it was gone before I could take a couple of breaths! 

So is pizza at A25 sexy? Yeah you know it is. The vibe is relaxed and easy, the food is hot and saucy, and I honestly love a relatively cheap date…when have you seen gourmet pizzas at around a $15 and under mark recently? Pray tell. 

720 Chapel Street
South Yarra 3141

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