Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Green Park Dining - Brunch

Easy, comforting, reliable. 

Sometime’s that’s all you need. And that’s exactly what I got with Green Park Dining when I needed to take my American friend for a distinctly Melbourne brunch right after new year. So damn hard to figure out where to go when half the places in town are closed!

The breeze was balmy, the beautiful big windows open, with kids ducking in and out and lots of people fitter than me in their lycra and on their bikes. Green Park Dining had a nice buzzing, but also low key energy that’s quite refreshing to be immersed in.

My American buddy was craving the closest thing he could get to American percolated coffee and was tickled with his flask full of filter goodness. The coffees and chai’s are flawless, smooth and creamy. 

We convinced my buddy to get baked eggs, cause it’s such a Melbourne thing, although since Brad and I hadn’t had them before at Green Park Dining we were a little nervous that perhaps they wouldn’t be how we would usually like them.

Never fear, Green Park Dining know what they’re doing, lovely and saucy, with a touch of labne to cut through, meaty lamb Merguez sausage and perfectly soft yolk eggs swimming around in the middle. Mix it all up and dip in that bread. Goodness. 

There are a couple of things on a menu that will always make my heart skip a beat. One of those things? Black pudding, or fried morcilla (either will do). So when I saw the fried morcilla with a fried duck egg and chickpeas on the menu? Despite many other delicious options, I knew that’s what I had to have. And what a protein hit it was! Delicious, and quite rich, but a bit of lemon helps cut through.

Since I was making friends with the morcilla, I somewhat insisted (although he was already considering it anyway) that Brad get the cornbread with avocado, scrambled eggs and a tomato chipotle relish. I loved the corn bread, which is gluten free, with a generous smattering of corn kernels throughout, and a lovely fluffy texture. The scrambled eggs are perfectly fluffy, gentle golden folds and waves, just as the should be. 

To finish, one surely has to be tempted by the alluring little display of sweets at the front counter. Popcorn anything simply delights me, so my buddy and I settled on this nibble with banana, popcorn and caramel flavours, which are simply one of the best flavour marriages ever. 

We left satisfied that we had given my American friend a great representation of what a solid Melbourne brunch is like. Sure, something like Top Paddock or Hammer and Tong speaks of Melbourne's creativity with brunch, but to get back to basics and give you the goods, Green Park Dining is doing a solid job. With a little twist on dessert I suppose; can't completely ignore the quirk Melbourne brings to just about everything!

815 Nicholson Street
Carlton North 3054

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