Thursday, March 26, 2015

Glovers Station

Average age of 40, Louis Vuitton bags in strollers while the kids run around in the front courtyard and copious amounts of expensive lycra and neon running shoes.

Brad, we aren’t in hipsterville anymore.

Indeed, Brad and I were instead in Elsternwick, away from the usual hipster neighbourhoods, where the crowd was less tight jeans and fixies, and more athletic mums and surprisingly cool dads. 

We were meeting a friend from Ferntree Gully, and Elsternwick made a nice middle spot between the two of us. That, and I had read about Glovers Station and been sold on visiting instantly. Even better? When I found out it was from the same team that did Little Tommy Tucker in Bentleigh.

Glovers Station is just beautiful, breathing new life into an old building that was once a service station, with a great big courtyard outside, it certainly has a grand and historic feel to it and I can’t stop marvelling at how nice it looks. 

Inside though, the historical stops, and the modern begins. Crisp, minimal, bright; the coffee station bang in the middle of the cafe with life revolving around it (pretty accurate for most people isn’t it?)

I fell in love with the fuzzy felt banquette seats, and although the space was modern, it definitely still exuded warmth and cosiness. 

Jimmy Marinis, one of the co-owners, made sure things ran smoothly, and I am still in awe with how attentive and personal he is with each customer, always coming back to make sure we knew that they knew we were waiting for table and apologising for the wait. Having been a waitress some years's tough work! Was definitely a lot less stressed than when we saw him at Little Tommy Tucker! (You knew it was coming buddy! :))

His style of service has obviously rubbed off on to the staff, who, despite the crazy Saturday they were having (only a week or two open and absolutely full to the brim), were cool as cucumbers, friendly and attentive. 

After a half an hour wait or so, we are seated, and I drink one of my new favourite chai’s in Melbourne. Served up in a volumptuous and generous glass, I am smitten with the spiciness and richness in texture as well. Have not really come across anything like it, and adored it so much…that I had two…which never happens! The chai is from the Original Chai Stall, and will now definitely keep an eye out for it around town…

The menu reads a pretty treat, with lots of interesting ingredients and unexpected additions, without being pretentious.

Brad’s baked beans with buffalo mozzarella, potatoes, corn puree, grain crunch and chorizo, were hearty and rich, and our friend ordered the poached ocean trout with quinoa, kale, goji berry and broccoli sandwich with avocado puree and a poached egg. The trout smelt delicious, and I loved how clean and fresh the dish looked. 

I didn’t really try either of their dishes though, because I was too busy devouring my braised ox tongue on gluten free toast with burnt onion puree, mustard butter and pickles. Seriously, the way to my heart must be offal. The ox tongue was sliced thinly, and so tender and lovely. Juicy too. I was all about the burnt onion puree, which worked beautifully with the tongue. Although it sounds rich, it wasn’t really, and was a nice modest sized serve…

…meaning that there’s room for dessert. In the form of a polenta, orange and blueberry cake, which was moist, zesty and refreshing. 

Although they were so busy, despite us finishing and gas bagging for a while after, we were never rushed or hurried, or felt to feel like they didn’t want us around. I absolutely loved my visit to Glovers Station, and love the energy it brings to an otherwise sleepy little street in Elsternwick. 

258 Glen Eira Road
Elsternwick 3185

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  1. hey the Original Chai stall is at the Vic Markets every Saturday and maybe Sunday. Do go and check them out if you are that KEEN!

    1. I've been and seen them! They're great :)

  2. Seems you had a great time visiting the Glovers Station! I must say cafes in South Yarra have a nice and warm setting whether it is indoors or outdoors. I hope you enjoyed your favorite chai too!