Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Although my eating out lists are excessively long, there are some (in fact many) weekend mornings where Brad asks where we’re going to go for brunch and I answer him with a blank look on my face. Who’s supposed to remember all these cafes that are opening anyway?

Many of these mornings, I trawl through Urbanspoon to see what’s new in the area that I may not have heard of and just this past weekend, the exercise certainly paid off as I stumbled onto Legacy in Camberwell, from the same people behind Collective Espresso, who’s just a little over two weeks old now. 

Located down on a sleepy section of Camberwell Road, past the craziness of the main junction, Legacy is fresh, bright and very welcoming. Bricks, light shades of wood and narrow strips of light keep the space smart and tidy, with a long communal table and a smattering of tables. 

After visiting Serotonin Dealer and Kettle Black the weekend before, not having a wait for tables or food was very refreshing…but I have a feeling that might not last long here at Legacy with the upbeat and friendly staff and a menu that reads beautifully. 

It had been a while since I had had a Prana chai, and at Legacy, although the price was a bit on the steeper side ($6.80 for a soy one!), the barista worked it well and it was delicious. 

The menu slants to the healthy side of things, but the flavour isn’t neglected. Brad’s sweet potato, kale and amaranth fritters are served up with creamy goats cheese, Kaiser bacon and cherry vine tomato chutney, and a poached egg for good measure too. Wow. This is a dense and filling little meal, but so delicious. Brad doesn’t often comment on food other than to say it’s good, or okay, but he did make mention that he enjoyed the sweet tomato flavour from the chutney. The sweet potato fritters were lovely and flavoursome as well, I had a bit of flavour envy going on when I had my mouthful.

But then I was too distracted really with my Power Bowl, dragon fruit (or you can choose acai), with housemade coconut yoghurt, strawberries, banana, chia seeds, granola and hazelnut crumb. Dragon fruit seems to be having a moment, but who can resist it in all it’s stunningly vibrant purple glory? Helps that it’s sweet and delicious too, especially when mixed with the creamy and smooth coconut yoghurt, with a gentle coconut flavour that’s not overwhelming. The granola is toasted, and slightly sticky, adding a touch of indulgence. 

It’s a surprisingly filling dish, and although I wanted to complete it, there were a couple of spoonful lefts taunting me when I let the dish be taken away. 

Legacy also makes their own doughnuts in house, which are just stunning to look at. I took a new flavour home, with white chocolate icing topped with Reece’s peanut butter cups, and loved every minute of it. The doughnut itself was a bit on the denser side, but I did enjoy that these weren’t very oily and didn’t leave me feeling heavy afterwards. 

Legacy ticked all the boxes for me, I love staff who are enthusiastic about their food (especially about dragon fruit) and look happy to be there, bright and light interiors and food that puts a smile on my dial. Good work Legacy. 

347 Camberwell Road
Camberwell 3124

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