Monday, June 8, 2015

Reunion and Co.

Reunion and Co. was very promising as we walked in off Bridge Road. Beautiful fitout, with soothing shades of teal, and an abundance of greenery brought inside to brighten up the space. 

There was a nice little buzz, and a short 10 minute wait, before we were seated on the communal table in the window, underneath a leafy chandelier, as I cooed over the natural light.  

Although I’m quite happy to drink chai whenever I go out, I have noticed these days I’m getting more and more particular with what I prefer, and find quite a vast majority of chai’s to be pleasant and lightly sweet, but never with enough spice kick, which is what I found at Reunion and Co. 

For breakfast, I opted for a mixed grain porridge, with texture of figs, cinnamon soil and sweet basil. It looked stunning, with a mix of fresh, stewed, roasted and who-else-knows-how figs scattered over the top. The cooked figs proved to be particularly delightful, as they just combined and swirled into the porridgy beautifully.

Generally when I order porridge, I like it to be a bit sweeter and a little bit more lush, and found that this was lacking the sweetness I was craving. It felt quite clean, and was very textural with the different grains. Maybe not my first choice for porridge, but this would certainly be a pretty healthy dish (which is what porridge really should be I guess)!

Brad’s local pine mushrooms on olive bread with chilli, walnuts and goats curd leaves was visually stunning, with the vibrant pine mushrooms, but felt a little bit on the light side in terms of portion size. An egg would have completed this perfectly really! 

Reunion and Co. has a lovely ambience going for it, and although the menu read with many of my favourite things, I wasn’t as blown away as I was kind of hoping I would be. 

472 Bridge Road
Richmond 3121

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