Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Argh, it's not that I haven't been eating out, but I've been too busy talking with my new beau and taking him to places I've already reviewed. :]

So in the mean time until I get some new restaurant content to post, here are some cookies I made over the weekend!

Hazelnut chocolate thumbprint cookies

Margarita cookies

Hmm...there's one missing....

Both of these recipes were taken from Smitten Kitchen, which I've linked to under each of the pictures. :]

The hazelnut chocolate cookies came out a treat and were a favourite with the boys, too bad I only made such a small batch since I was out of hazelnuts! But planning to whip up another bigger batch tonight for my guy friends tomorrow night!

The margarita cookies were certainly interesting, I've concluded they are amazing fresh out of the oven because the tequila really comes through! Need to be more prepared next time though...I used a white tequila instead of a gold tequila which I feel is not as fragrant, didn't have any orange zest so will make sure I have that next time and used lemon zest over lime zest since I was out of limes! I think using lime zest will give it a bit more 'zing'. Also want to get my hands on some salt flakes to roll the dough in, instead of using table salt, I think it will look prettier and give a better taste...

Quite exciting though, I'm very good at chocolate recipes so I don't find myself needing to work or improve on them too much, so it's nice to have a bit of a challenge for a change!


  1. Those cookies are adorable! And so very uniform - mine seem to take on wonky shapes even when I use a cutter. Bring on the chocolate recipes though, who doesn't love chocolate?!

  2. Thanks Vee! :]

    With the margarita cookies, you gotta roll them into logs and pop them in the fridge for two hours, so they really retain their shape beautifully! :]