Friday, April 2, 2010


Hey everyone! Happy Easter! Did you all enjoy your Friday off? I certainly did! A great breakfast with friends, followed by seeing "How to Train Your Dragon", which I have to say is just AH-MAZING and way too adorable for it's own good, followed by returning home and churning out cookies all afternoon.

I was skeptical as whether anything actually would be open on Good Friday, but surprise surprise, as we drove down Smith st, whilst the street was dead, quite a number of cafes were open!

As we drove by Provenance, i noticed the sign, had heard the name before, found out the guys had never been and did a quick u-turn to park right in front of it.

Very charming place, beautiful high ceilings and a great break interior, which always makes things nice n' cosy. Apparently there's a dining room out back as well!

So the (very cute) waiter came and got our drink orders first. I naturally went for the chai latte, with soy milk today (since I felt like it).

It was pretty decent, but definetly needed the honey in it, otherwise it came off a little bit bland.

My friend swooned over how beautifully buttery and rich the scrambled eggs were.

David ordered the 'Royale', poached eggs on toast with smoked trout, hollandaise sauce and spinach (I think?). He loved it and the eggs just looked fantastic!

I opted for something a little lighter, a pea and mushroom salad with hazelnuts, fetta, thyme and gluten free toast. The hazelnuts added an absolutely delicious edge to the mushrooms whilst the fetta provided a different texture. All in all very enjoyable and quite unique.

When David went to get the bill for us, he apparently discovered they do degustation meals which I think I'm very keen to try out! I really enjoyed the focus on 'fresh food' (which our meals definetly were I believe).

288 Smith St
8415 0700

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