Friday, January 13, 2012

Mixed Business

I'm getting to the point where I've visited most cafes in my local area, and in the other areas I do like to frequent. Which is a little bit sad, as I am a bit lazy to get Brad to drive too far on weekends for food.

Although it is possible to still mix it up a bit and visit neighbourhoods that are close by, yet I never go to. Which is how we ended up at Mixed Business in Clifton Hill.

It's so convenient from where I live too! Turn at the lights, zip down the freeway, peer out the window to make sure we don't miss it and end up driving off into the distance and there we are!

It's also great when parking isn't too difficult.

The cute little cafe, at the end of a strip of shops, a little bit on it's lonesome, was bursting at the seams! We managed to steal a seat outside, with the little table/bench/counter coming out of the wall.

I love the handwritten menu, it's so easy to get caught up in shiny, neatly kerned typography, that sometimes just keeping it simple can be so appealing. And it's quite frugal too!

Sitting outside was so pleasant, with a garden that threatened to take over the wall, it was refreshing and relaxing. Kind of secret garden-esque.

The usual mix of latte and soy chai. I've been trying to get Brad to try cold drips so I can steal a sip, but with no gains so far. Sigh!

Oops. A fail pour there from me…

I found the chai had no flavour for me, yes I might have had a small cold whilst visiting, but there was no hint of spices and I felt like I was just drinking warm milk. This tends to be an issue for places that serve their chai latte's/teas in a pot like this.

Fortunately, breakfast has saved Mixed Business, and would have me coming back for their simple but delicious meals.

Brad ordered poached eggs with a potato and rosemary rosti, avocado and salsa. Oh my lord, the rosti was just so aromatic. The rosemary really filling your nose with lovely smells, it makes me think of winter and a big fat roast. And to eat as well, it was super crisp and light on the outside but soft and almost like mashed potatoes on the inside! Um. Lots of yum. Although when it came out I was worried it wouldn't fill up Brad enough. Haha!

For me, poached eggs, pancetta, parmesan and slow roasted tomato. I loved how generous they were with the parmesan, with big fat slices scattered over. The pancetta was just delicious as well. WIth the salty pancetta, it was all a bit of a party in my mouth.

Whilst it can be hard to take initiative to travel to unknown places, when you know there's goodness to be found nearby, sometimes mixing it up a bit does pay off. I really enjoyed Mixed Business, not so much for the chai latte maybe, but definitely for the food, whilst a bit on the smaller side portion-wise, the food is delectably fresh and well cooked.

Mixed Business

486 Queens Pde
Clifton Hill, VIC 3068

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