Monday, January 9, 2012

Pillar Of Salt

Did any of you guys see that episode of A Current Affair sometime last week or the week before that about salt therapy? Where sitting in wall to wall rooms of salt is supposed to be good for you? Or well, more so for people with asthma and respiratory problems I suppose.

It can be a bit hard to believe in alternative medicine at times, since there aren't often scientific roots and whilst I'm all 'Ooh salt, can I have that with potatoes please', others are far more cynical than I.

However you can believe me when I say, not because I'm scientific and stuff, but because I like good grub, that Pillar of Salt, a cafe in Richmond, is definitely good for you.

I was to meet a friend here, but then she ended up running into car troubles, so I got to have a quiet breakfast by myself. Something which I often long to do, but never get around to doing so.

To be honest though, I certainly was not smitten on first impression. Maybe it's because I sat myself down without any prompt from the waitstaff? Although I assume if somewhere isn't too busy, with quite a number of tables empty it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Initially I was served a bit more cooler than I am used to, a crude "Coffee?" from a slightly disgruntled, un-smiley waitress was all I got after I sat.

I am though quite forgiving, since while sitting in the lovely courtyard and as the sun filled, blue sky morning continued on, more smiles and cheery voices could be seen and heard. I think they were a little sympathetic that my friend hadn't showed up and stopped to chat with me as I sipped on my chai latte. Which was marvellously velvety and tasty. And how cute is the red cup? Want!

From a fairly short, but concise menu with some very tasty sounding options, I could not go past the corn fritters with smoked salmon, coriander and avocado salsa. Decided not to go with the poached egg today, so I could just concentrate on delicious corn fritter-ness.

And delicious it was, I found that the fritters were a bit 'wetter' inside than at other places I've had fritters. I really liked this though, as it's not as doughy and pancake-y. Which means less flour probably. Yey for me. And packed full of corn.

The smoked salmon was so luscious as well, it's not something I typically go for, often caving into the carnivore in me and going for a bacon option, but this was really tasty.

So, even after not so awesome first impressions, and having to eat breakfast alone unexpectedly, I left with a little spring in my step.

I therefore conclude, that visiting Pillar of Salt has positive effects on one's mood, palate and tummy and that everyone should go have corn fritters and sit in the courtyard, especially since it's summer now!

Pillar of Salt

541 Church St

Richmond 3121

9421 1550

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