Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Middle Fish

I forget how annoying parking is on a Saturday's sometimes, since Sundays are usually more lenient, which is when we generally go out for breakfast, which we found when we drove up Berkeley Street to go to Middle Fish. On a Saturday.

However, it was a lovely balmy day out. Brad was looking cute as always (maybe I'm biased? Couldn't be!) and I was in a stripy Kenneth Cole skirt and chunky heels. It was going to be a good Saturday.

We strolled into Middle Fish, hand in hand, where a lady, who I recognised as the owner, Pla Liamthong (but couldn't remember her name at the time), spotted us, grinned broadly and asked "First date? Second date?"

Brad and I looked at each other and laughed. "Nearly two years in? Not sure what number this date would be!"

Liamthong smiled again, invited us to sit where we pleased in the cool warehouse-chic abode and gave us the advice to treat everyday like a date, then we'd always be happy. She's not too wrong really is she?

Middle Fish evokes similar happy feelings, it's got the whole 'kinda-worn-down-but-well-loved' feel, deck chairs mixed with high stools and old leather seats and bursts of colour everywhere. It feels very much a place to hang out. It's playful. And would probably be a pretty cool place to hang out on a date.

Whilst Brad and my breakfast dates usually involve chai lattes and eggs, this day was going to be a bit different.

Although Brad still got his latte, I jumped on the chance to try their iced Thai milk tea. I miss these things so much when I'm back in Melbourne.

Man. This thing was huge! Which was a delightful surprise of course, I loved that it was more bowl than cup. It was quite milky and sweet, I would have liked the tea flavour to be a bit stronger, but this still hit the spot for me and probably would again whenever I need my fix!

Love, love!

The breakfast menu was mostly made up of brown rice soup's and although I was thinking of trying the omelette first, I didn't quite think I was up for mussels at that time of day.

So I got the Kao Tom Hed, a brown rice soup with wild mushroom, coriander, spring onion and a soft poached egg and Brad got the Kao Tom Gai, brown rice soup with Thai chicken ball, soft poached egg, coriander and spring onion. I've never really had a Thai breakfast whenever I had been to Thailand, so this was new territory for both Brad and I!

My Kao Tom Hed, was chock-a-block full of mushroom goodness. The soup was so beautiful and hearty, especially with the brown rice which was lovely and soft, but still with shape. I've never been a giant fan of Chinese congee, but this Thai soupy dish hit the spot for me. Full of flavour.

I found Brad's Kao Tom Gai with the chicken, had even more flavour. There was a bit of a fattiness to the soup that was missing from the mushroom rice soup, which just made it so moreish. At the end of the day, meat's just too awesome. Really.

I struggled to get through the generous serve of soup, mushroom and rice, even with Brad's help! I couldn't help but imagine though having this when the temperature drops a bit more, I mean, soup, rice and mushies…what could be better? Although it does sound a bit like pho huh?

After having a few moments to moan and groan about how full I was, Brad and I made our way over to Queen Vic Market and strolled around, poked around the nearby reptiles store, bought some gorgeous Italian sweets from a lil shop, and commented on how silly men are willing to get as long as there is alcohol involved (it was St. Patrick's day).

So whether you're alone, with your roomate, with your best friend, or in fact on a date, Middle FIsh is a lovely little hangout for something a little different to whet the palate, lots of smiles, friendly service, and some great coffee (I hear) to give that perk to your day….

Middle Fish

122-128 Berkeley St
Carlton, VIC 3053

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