Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two Years. A bunch of haircuts. Lots of Love.

I've been having a terribly slack week. Behind in both reading other people's blogs (sorry for late comments!) and writing my own. This is due to a few things, which at the end of the day all constitute life anyway, but there were a few specific things this time.



And Brad and I celebrating our two year anniversary!

So....I'm excused right?

Whilst I won't be reviewing anything in this post, as I do enjoy going over my old posts and not so much reading my old reviews, but recollecting memories, I thought I might just do a little mushy post for me. So tune out now if you want to escape!

It's always surprising when we get to this time of year (which, slightly conveniently, is always around Easter weekend), to think that it's been another year since we decided to, put it in an old fashioned manner, go steady.

Brad and I actually met online, and it's always funny to think that we probably would have never met if the internet didn't exist. If not for the internet, we would not have gone to watch "Good Hair", nommed on galettes at Roule Galette, have a jug of gin and tonic at New Guernica and decided to go 'official', 2 years ago. And although the time has flown by, in the time that I have come to know and love Brad, I have never cared for anyone as much as I do for him.

You know how they say opposites attract? Whilst we are not exact opposites, I am a bit silly, airy, playful, with my head always in the sky, Brad is steady and keeps me grounded. Although he'd have much more peaceful mornings if I didn't keep squawking away in the morning and trying to start tickle fights.

On Thursday night, our actual anniversary night, we kept it simple. He showed up at my door with a bunch of beautiful roses, a slight pinkish red.

We exchanged gifts. He got me two incredibly nerdy board/card games. Thunderstone and Cosmic Encounter. I positively couldn't be more chuffed, squealing happily when I unwrapped them. I haven't played either game in ages, as my friend who I used to play with moved to London...along with his games. I am so excited to now own them myself and have already put them to use playing with Brad and teaching other friends how to play!

I bought him a gorgeous winter coat, that fit him handsomely, and gave him a little....'card' I made.

Yes, I actually went through that many hairstyles in one year.

I proceeded to make dinner. Me. Cook. Really?

Prosciutto, figs, honey and jamon to start. And a bit of manchego cheese on crackers which I didn't take pictures of.

A giant bowl each of prawn, zucchini and pesto gluten free spaghetti. Pesto compliments of mum. Giant bowls. I think my bowl was double my usual serve. We vegged out in front of the tv with our food and flutes of champagne, while I drooled over the food porn that is the show: How to Cook Like Heston. Followed by chocolate ice-cream.

Friday morning was spent at home, the family made nasi lemak with goat curry for lunch.

We then moved into The Cullen in Prahran for the night, to spoil ourselves and have a tiny getaway from reality.

I really loved the art in our room. So interesting. Cullen really likes donkeys huh? The beds were like clouds as well. So much soft!

We had dinner in Chez Olivier, an old favourite of mine, which I had not visited for a long time, which I will go through in more detail in a different post, although for a quick's still as good as it was a few years ago.

We talked of the past, what the future might hold and how full we were getting the whole night.

I got a little drunk on our bottle of wine and stumbled back through the icy winds to our hotel where we watched Mythbusters and I tried to get Brad to take pictures with me...

Um. :|

Better! <3

The next day we got breakfast at Morris & Jones and went to watch The Lorax in the Jam Factory. I loved Dr. Suess when I was little and The Lorax was one of my favourite books. The Lorax was a pretty cute film, which I think they did a decent job of interpreting and definetly a film I feel kids need to watch. One kid in the cinema was heard saying during the film: 'That's the saddest story I ever heard.....'.

So precious. I nearly did cry at the end personally.

It was then back home to homemade fish and chips with the family, before we ran off to Hobba the next morning for breakfast.

So much food!

So I've pretty much had the perfect weekend. I'm so lucky to have someone in my life who I love to bits and who reciprocates my love wholly.

Here's to another year of food, love, you and me.