Monday, January 21, 2013

Grill'd - Coat of Arms Burger

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the Coat of Arms burger compliments of Grill'd

How do you celebrate your Australia day on the 26th of January? Perhaps you have a tradition that you follow year in, year out. Maybe cricket in the park? Listening to Triple J's top 100 countdown? 

…Eating your country's coat of arms? Eh. It's meat, why the hell not?

So when Grill'd invited me to try out their special edition 'Coat of Arms' burger, I quickly demanded that Tegan visit the Little Bourke Street store to sample it with me. 

With a kangaroo and emu patty (97% kangaroo and 3% emu), and a variety of other native ingredients, such as quandongs (native Australian peaches apparently, although just quietly it sounds like it's referring to something dirty), bush tomato relish (which was totally delicious) and beetroot (what? It wouldn't be Aussie without beetroot), I don't think you'll find a more Australian inspired and sourced burger. 

I personally really enjoyed it, I found it to be on the sweeter side of things, due to the variety of sweet fruits and veggies. I also found, although I was full (as usual) that I felt lighter than I usually do. I put this down to the fact that kangaroo and emu meat is super-dooper lean and so the patty would have less fat than a regular beef patty would.

So kinda sweet, kinda tangy (the quandongs had a subtle citrusy zest to them), the mayo and relish making up for the moisture that the patty lacks (when you have 1% fat, that tends to happen). There's goat's cheese in there too, which is certainly present, but not overwhelming or too sharp. Honestly I feel I was slightly more fascinated with the additional ingredients, rather than the patty itself, as they was a lot of flavour there, and it was all quite vibrant. But still, the meat itself was pleasant and hardly gamey at all, which seemed to be the concern from most people. 

Tegan, who I'm slowly turning into a slightly more adventurous eater (bahaha) also really enjoyed the buger. So much that she just indicated for me to keep talking when some of the Grill'd people came around to have a chat to us and check in for a bit of feedback, so that she could just keep stuffing her burger down the hatch. Ah friends. 

If you would like to try this burger yourself, in Melbourne, it's only available for a limited time until the 31st of January, and only from the Grill'd store at 369 Little Bourke Street. 

369 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

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  1. Kangaroo is actually the only meat I chose to cook with back home, so I definitely would've been up for this! Though 3% emu? Ha! Tokenism much?

    1. Whoo Kangaroo! I really should make it more :) Had a chat to one of the guys from Grill'd on the day and apparently it's only 3% emu as it's a much harder meat to source, but a meat he really likes so really wanted to include in as well. But yeah. They could've made it all kangaroo too and I think most of us woulda been pretty happy... :)

  2. I am definitely going to try and give this burger a go. I had hoped there would be more emu than kangaroo in the patty.

    1. I was definitely hoping for a little more emu as well, and I had expressed these thoughts to the Grill'd representative talking to us, and he did say it is quite hard to source and to get large amounts of it, but he was still insistent on having some in there! Maybe in future Australia day editions we'll get a bit more... :)

      Do share what you think when you try it! :)