Sunday, June 30, 2013

Portland Round Up!

So this post will be a brief recap on what I nommed and what I saw in Portland, but please give me a moment to tell you about my dear friend Javan, as I don't think Portland would have been the same without him. 

 photo DSC_5140_zps12bc54e5.jpg

We'd only met once in person before this trip, back in 2009, but have been friends for longer than that and is someone I hold quite dearly in my heart. Honestly, if I had not been on the trip with him, Brad probably would have skipped Portland completely and maybe taken the time to visit Canada instead. But because I was there, I knew I had to make a social stop in Portland to hang out with this crazy kid. 

He was a great guide, providing us history, cultural references, naming every single Portland beer (just about), giving plenty of squeezy bear hugs (just to me, maybe not for Brad), making me show him the hauls of goodies I bought from Buffalo Exchange and participating in fairly intellectual conversation with Brad (walking in on them doing this, warmed my heart much more than I could have ever expected).

Also did I mention he's had training to be a masseur too? Best shoulder rubs I've had in ages.

We got into Portland after a ridiculously early start, since our flight was at about 9am from San Francisco. But this meant we got in just around lunchtime and so pretty much had the full day to explore.

 photo DSC_5186_zps0d030215.jpg

 photo DSC_5174_zps5b4b4182.jpg

Although, I kind of didn't want to leave the house we were staying in through AirBnB. It was beautiful.

 photo DSC_5195_zpse0b9232a.jpg

But we did eventually get out, and I enjoyed the leafy suburbs, the timber homes (that kind of made me feel like I should be in a forest somewhere), and the surprisingly immense number of churches everywhere that Javan kept pointing out to us (for a mostly atheist population it seems kind of surprising). 

 photo DSC_5197_zpsce50eff9.jpg

I loved the little shops that would just sort of pop out of nowhere, and the totally random ones Javan would point out (like a custom lightbulb you do).

 photo DSC_5092_zps4eb504d6.jpg

 photo DSC_5098_zps3df029b2.jpg

Truffles fries and baby sized cheeseburgers from Little Big Burger, were a delicious and not too heavy lunch (and only around $14 for Brad and I).

 photo DSC_5105_zps77e76cf0.jpg

Here is a pole with tiny bikes chained to it.

 photo DSC_5100_zpsf22b25d6.jpg

 photo DSC_5127_zps572cf3cd.jpg

I also ate quite a lot of sweets, which often required lines. 

 photo DSC_5135_zps0bfced8e.jpg

 photo IMG_9208_zps2330e3a4.jpg

A Voodoo Doughnut, surprisingly didn't kill me, although I probably couldn't do two. This was the Old Dirty Bastard with oreos, chocolate frosting and peanut butter. Swoon.

 photo DSC_5291_zps70cccb0b.jpg

 photo IMG_9243_zps4cb8f039.jpg

Sea salt and caramel ribbon ice-cream was worth waiting for at 9:45pm.

 photo DSC_5112_zpsf85d7bf2.jpg

This is apparently actually designated 'park' area. Righto.

 photo DSC_5103_zpsa4995a5a.jpg

 photo IMG_9200_zps221eafa4.jpg

I wanted to live in Powell's. It is called 'The City of Books' for a reason.

I also went crazy in the two Buffalo Exchange stores in Portland. Second hand clothing, but so much better than anywhere in Australia. $25 Jil Sander dress, $17 cashmere jumper, $26 Miss Sixty trench coat. Surely this is heaven?

As I pillaged through Buffalo Exchange, the boys would drink, pay shuffleboard and talk in many different bars, which I would join them at later. 

 photo DSC_5114_zps6b38e29d.jpg

At Tugboat we played Jenga (and I had a very nice apple cider)

 photo DSC_5269_zps42687d75.jpg

We drank at Backstage Bar, an old converted theatre. 

 photo DSC_5281_zps99aaec4e.jpg

 photo DSC_5282_zpsba886caf.jpg

And in the boiler room of an old high school. The whole of McMenamins Kennedy School is worth visiting just to see what they've done to the place. Plus, don't you want to say you drank at school?

They had their own gin called 'The Professor' which was dee-licious with a capital Dee.

 photo IMG_9233_zps26a59e4f.jpg

I couldn't get over how cheap and how good beer in Portland was. This whole tasting tray cost around $10, with most not being more than $4 for a full glass. 

 photo IMG_9232_zps610a64b6.jpg

Beer food was consumed.

 photo DSC_5117_zpscdfc5a27.jpg

And we naturally visited a taco truck. Because $1.50 tacos make me so happy.

 photo DSC_5200_zps822c12ae.jpg

  photo DSC_5217_zpsc96d41d0.jpg

We also had the best breakfast we've had in America so far (there Javan, have said it on the blog now), at Tasty n Sons, although we did have to wait an hour to sit, in which time I rattled off to Brad and Javan all the things the cafe could be doing a little bit better to get more people seated quickly. 

But y'know, that's okay, because there was bottomless tea and coffee.

 photo DSC_5232_zps98faab6a.jpg

And pork belly with fried eggs for $9.

 photo DSC_5245_zpseeac3138.jpg

 photo DSC_5263_zps4844f8ba.jpg

And a fluffy, cocoa-y, chocolate potato doughnut.

 photo DSC_5273_zps32afcb66.jpg

 photo IMG_9246_zps33cf4a7e.jpg

By the time our two nights in Portland were up, I was a little sad to leave. There was such an easy going air to the place, and although it wouldn't have been the same without Javan, to effortless lead us from one drinking hole to the next, navigate the bus system without a hitch and just generally be a great conversation buddy, I still think I would have quite liked Portland. 

Also, Portlandia now makes so much more sense.


  1. Looks like a great place & how lucky that you have a local friend to show you around. They always turn out to be the best trips (that doughnut looks way OTT, glad you survived)

  2. WHY DO WE NOT have cheap a$$ taco trucks here?? SIGH!

  3. Woah. Portland is waaaaay cool. So may neato things to do and loving the street art - stack of bikes!

    The Voodoo Doughnut has all kinds of YASSSSS!!!!

  4. I can't quite get my head around spending hours of holiday time waiting in ques ... I get the impression I'll have to get over that before I go to the US, especially if I want good food :)

  5. I've heard good things about the culture and food scene in Portland, and your post only serves to confirm it further! It looks like a gorgeous place to be.

  6. Oh yes. There is those fries. ***sigh***

  7. Portland looks HELLA fun, Ash!!! So much great sights and eats to visit. What I like abt this post is that Portland doesn't seem to be the kind of place that's abt the touristy landmarks, but more like the place you go to just soak in the culture and lifestyle of the locals there. LOVE ETTTT

  8. Portland!!! I know someone who lives there and I would love to go visit him too :) It's always nice to travel with a local they definitely know all the good hidden gems ~ I WANT that VOODOO Donut!