Friday, March 28, 2014

Baby Cafe & Pizzeria

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Hey Baby. 

How you doing?

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Very spicy we were told as we enquired after the Salsiccia pizza with fior di latte, spiced italian sausage, friarielle and chilli. Their spiciest pizza even, were Brad and I sure we could handle it?

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We were eating at Baby Pizza on a spontaneous Sunday night, an unusual night for us to be out since Brad usually has futsal on, but a nice change to the usual. 

I breathed easy when we arrived to not see the infamous queues that it's sibling, Chin Chin, is well known for and we were quickly seated. 

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The restaurant was happily buzzing, the decor kept things very simple and clean, but also escalated noise levels quite quickly with lots of light wood and no soft furnishings. I found myself unintentionally yelling at Brad for much of the night…I'm not that mean usually...I swear!

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I thought it was quite cute, and rather convenient, that the cutlery was kept in the table, present, but not in the way. 

I had been wanting to try the pizza at Baby Pizza for a while, but I baulked at the price for a gluten free base. $5 on top of an average of $22 a pizza. It definitely pushed the boundaries, but after seeing that one of Shellie's friends say that it was the best gluten free base she had had in town…well one has to go check it out!

So, could we handle the spicy of the Salsiccia pizza? 

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Well yeah. It was really more white guy spicy (Brad, the white guy, said it first!), with some nice heat and a kick at the back, but not the blinding spiciness that the waitress seemed to imply. It was delicious though, with healthy dollops of cheese and lovely meaty sausage. I was immensely impressed with the base, and although the price is a bit steeper than the rest of the market, it is probably my favourite gluten free base now. Damn it!

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The serve of gnocchi alla zucca, hand made gnocchi with pumpkin and sage was pleasant, but nothing to write home about, as the sauce felt a bit heavy handed and thick. The gnocchi itself was quite nice, a nice manageable size that was light and pleasant. 

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But oh my, it's so nice to finish a meal on a glowing note and at Baby, that was from the creme caramello. It looked to be such a simple and modest at first, but once you pick up the spoon, it just slices through as if it was nothing. Happy sighs. I couldn't get over how smooth it was, as it just melted onto the tongue. A beautiful balance of vanilla and caramel goodness, I was busy licking the plate clean by the end of the night!

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Whilst Baby may not be my usual choice for a date night, as it can get quite hard to talk with the noise, there's a lovely lighthearted atmosphere and the food is pretty solid, albeit a little pricer than the rest of town, but tuck into a few carafes of house wine and finish up with that creme caramello and just about anything can be forgiven...

631-633 Church St
Richmond 3121

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