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Syracuse - Breakfast

Disclosure: I was invited to dine at Syracuse as a guest of the restaurant

Caryn and I broke a couple of breakfast rules last week, although really, are there any?

For example, we shared three breakfast dishes between the two of us, on a working morning (not a leisurely brunch) and we had whisky before it was even 9am…however it was in the form of ice-cream. And mixed with roasted apple. So I guess that makes it alright…I guess?

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We did these devious breakfast activities at Syracuse, which I had last visited a few years ago for a beautiful dinner with Brad, so was quite keen to see what they were turning out for breakfast when I was invited. 

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Stepping into Syracuse off the tiled walkway from Bank Place is a lovely experience, as you slip in through the relatively narrow entrance, that just opens up gloriously, as if easing into a comfortable leather armchair. 

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Majestically high ceilings, and a touch of old glamour, I'm happily tickled by the idea of eating breakfast with table cloth on the table. 

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For whatever reason I don't enquire after a soy chai, feeling a bit of sand in my eyes and needing a little extra boost in the morning and go for a tea instead. I do intend to swing by sometime to try their homemade chai next time though!

After a bit of the usual gas-bag, where Caryn and I contemplated a trip to Bruny Island together, Jordan, who was looking after us this particular morning, swept in and gave us some of his recommendations, which both happened to be sweeter options. However, eggs are always necessary in my opinion, and so we arrived at the decision of three dishes. 

Can't help but be a little greedy sometimes right?

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We started with some Yarra Valley berries, mango, young coconut and granola, laid out over some organic yoghurt. With a few edible flowers to top it all off, it was really almost too pretty to eat! The combination together was just lovely though, crunchy toasted granola, tart but juicy raspberries, sweet and mellow finely sliced mango and rather lush blueberries. My only nitpick was that I would have liked a little more yoghurt so I could thoroughly cover everything with it, but that's just a preference of mine.

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Our egg option was a French omelette, with heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, roast onion and goats cheese dolloped throughout. With great soft chunks of baby potatoes cut in half, the omelette seemed rather rustic to me. I absolutely swooned over the goats cheese, smooth and rich, and enjoyed the saltiness the roast onion introduced.

Simple in presentation, and I found myself enjoying it much more than I had initially expected.

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We finished our breakfast meal in a rather cheeky manner, with a serve of the Belgian waffles, with big juicy blueberries, pistachio praline and that decadent serve of roasted apple and whisky ice cream. 

Woah. Talk about shocking your taste buds in the morning! There's a definite alcoholic hit from the whisky, but it's quickly softened out with the sweetness of the apple and the dairy, also broken up with sweetness from the blueberries. It compliments the waffles nicely, which are quite short and almost crunchy around the outside, the way I like them, although Caryn commented she generally preferred her waffles a little more chewy. 

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The crunch from the pistachio praline was also a surprise, as it's just dusted over the top, it's hard to imagine it would provide a big texture hit, but it certainly makes itself known to you quite quickly!

Whilst whisky ice-cream may not be everyone's thing before breakfast, as it is a bit of a shock to the system (unless you're used to drinking to the early morning), it's definitely a treat and something I would easily revel in on brunch over the weekend. Hey, it would be kinda of perfect if you're hungover…right? 

Although Syracuse's settings imply a bit of fancy, the breakfast menu is actually quite inviting, with dishes that focus on good quality product, from the fresh generously sized berries, to the smooth and beautifully textured potatoes in the omelette, executed simply, but very well. 

23 Bank Place
Melbourne 3000

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