Sunday, September 14, 2014

Boss Pizzeria

This sign just makes me so happy. I love food, and I love eating and I'm wholly in for eating like bosses. None of this say you love food and push food around the plate, own that love, eat like a boss…someone on twitter did say that's what I do best….

Boss Pizzeria is a new addition to Camberwell, perched right by the station, in a cosy little corner shop. The space was much smaller than I imagined when I had read about it on Broadsheet, but it was very cute. A couple of high benches, a few tables inside and long communal tables on the footpath which are going to be awesome in summer. 

If you ask me.

With the wood fire oven roaring away in the kitchen, it's obvious what to order here. However, we're quickly convinced to give their 'Boss Board', an antipasti platter, a try. For $15 for two, it's hard to pass up, and we're rewarded with a phenomenal spread of beautiful cured meats, crisp wood fired flat bread, sweet gorgonzola drizzled in balsamic, roast capsicums, olives and mackerel (or sardines? I forget). 

I absolutely love it, usually Brad and I order two pizzas if we go to a pizzeria, however ordering one pizza and a plate of antipasti definitely lightens the carbohydrate load and adds quite a bit of variety to the meal. Definitely recommended.

But let's not forget the star of the show either. Our Amante Della Carne pizza, smoked buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes, Italian sausage, pancetta, shaved ham and salami on a gluten free base is gorgeous. Although loaded with loads of meat, it's all balanced well and topped with some restraint so that it doesn't weigh down the pizza. The meats themselves are absolutely delicious, juicy sausages, crispy salami; bliss! And just the right amount of melted puddles of cheese. 

Absolutely nothing to dislike. 

Although they're still waiting on their liquor license, Boss Pizzeria is a solid addition to the neighbourhood. I also quite like they're just across Burke Road from East of Everything in the meantime, where Brad and I skipped over to for a chilled out beverage to help us digest all the goodness in our bellies. 

25 Cookson Street

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  1. Oh wow, I'm loving all of these great pizzerias opening up ... their menu looks fabulous!

  2. Did you get invited or did you pay? I like the look of the $15 antipasto plate.

  3. Hey Sally! Unless you see a disclaimer at the top saying otherwise, I've paid for the meal :) Was really reasonably priced and made for a great impromptu date night with the boy!