Friday, September 19, 2014

Spilt Milk

They say to not cry over Spilt Milk…and in Carnegie, there's really, truly no reason to! 

Brad, his friend Matt and I popped by Spilt Milk after we went to watch Brad's outdoor team play soccer…correction, Brad watched his team play, Matt played and Chai and I did lazy laps of the field and found a quiet patch to play ball at. Everyone happy. 

As it got colder and colder through the morning though, I was very, very much looking forward to lunch time, which was one of the reasons I had decided to make the trek out to Knox where the team was playing with Brad. 

Since we were with Chai, despite the cold, we sat outside. Fortunately Split Milk's heaters work an absolute treat and I was stayed nice and toasty!

When I saw $4 milkshakes, I simply couldn't resist, opting for the caramel one, and fortunately, they weren't too rich or heavy, which meant I could still squeeze in a lovely and hot soy chai as well. Normally I do like my milkshakes thick, creamy and cheeky, but this was quite refreshing. 

It was here that Matt couldn't understand how I could be a food lover and not drink coffee, then proceeded to be even more confused when I admitted to liking the smell though…go figure!

The menu is simply adorable, handwritten with loopy tittles and capitalised but playful body text. Each of the items on the menu is named after an animal, from rosella's to barracuda's! 

I can't quite remember which animal I ordered, I think it might have been the 'Sheep', with baked eggs served in a pan with sundered tomatoes, fresh spinach, fetta, sourdough and a spot of chilli jam on the side. I will admit, it was not at all what I was expecting when I first ordered, used to seeing lush tomato based humongous servings. Instead, Spilt Milk's more modest take on baked eggs is light, fresh and still very wholesome. 

I think Brad might have ordered the 'Cow', baked eggs with chorizo sausage, fetta, herbs and tomato relish, also served in a pan with light rye. 

Matt's 'Frog' though, which I forgot to take a picture of, was a mountain of scrambled eggs with smashed avocado, pesto, fresh spinach, fetta and green beens…which immediately gave me food envy as I was a little more peckish than usual and he, having just finished playing soccer, completely wolfed it down!

Although our baked eggs were a little bit lighter than I had thought they might be, at least this meant I had plenty of room for the sweet treats. Silver lining with everything right? 

And goodness, Spilt Milk's sweet treats really are serious treats!

I ordered a serve of the chocolate flourless cake, which isn't simply just put onto a plate and brought out to you…oh no! At Spilt Milk, they warm it up and spoon on a delicious and warm berry sauce, resulting in a beautiful moist texture and just comfort with each bite. Mmhmm!

I also ordered their gluten free yo-yo, which I loved, with a lovely short texture, and was delighted when they added an extra caramel slice on the side, stating that I simply had to try it! Woah. What and what a caramel slice it was! Although the chocolate looks solid, it's actually quite smooth and supple, easily scooped into, just melding gently into the soft caramel. 

Rich, dense, creamy and simply beautiful. I could not get over how good it was! 

Although I'm not out in Carnegie that often, if I was in the area, I'd only be more than happy to return to Spilt Milk…especially if they keep turning out those caramel slices like that! 

Spilt Milk
288 Neerim Road

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