Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cobb Lane

I’m not sure what it is these days, but when I look at brunch menus, rather than automatically gravitating to corn fritters, rich and lush egg dishes and protein packed breakkies, I find myself eyeballing muesli’s and porridges instead.

I know. What’s wrong with me? In previous years (months even), Brad would look at me incredulously if I even said that I was contemplating muesli! But I think these days, I enjoy a slightly lighter breakfast, that doesn’t always leave me feeling stuffed.

Or when I’m at Cobb Lane, I’m just looking for an excuse to have ice-cream with breakfast.

Cobb Lane, located in the charming little suburb Yarraville across the West Gate Bridge, is well known and loved for it’s sweets and treats which are plentiful in the cosy little cafe, found all over Melbourne. But if you haven’t visited Cobb Lane, you’re not getting the whole picture, as they’re doing rocking breakfasts as well. 

Originally Brad and I were thinking of going with another couple, but I’m glad we didn’t. Cobb Lane is quite an intimate little space, a handful of tables and window counter space sharing space with the coffee counter, bread rack and sweet display. 

I couldn’t help but coo over how cute the mug for my chai latte was, have to say, Melbourne’s cafe are really upping their crockery game, and I can’t help but lift all my plates and saucers to see where they are sourced from these days! The chai itself was also just gorgeous, rich, spicy, hearty, definitely one of the better ones. 

There’s a slight British/European slant to the menu, mixed in with a little Melbourne flair, with everyone on the menu just coming across as hearty and delicious-looking. 

Brad opted for the ‘British Breakfast’, with a scotch egg, British style black pudding, thick cut bacon, house made baked beans, HP sauce and brioche welsh rarebit. Talk about a wallop of protein to start your day! It was definitely a dish to be envious of and of course, some food envy happened on my side, because I simply adore black pudding. The scotch egg was beautiful, crusty, with a perfectly cooked yolk that lazily oozed out when cut in half. The nibble of black pudding I had had me happily sighing, a bit of spice, just enough fat, all yum. 

If Brad was protein wallop, I was on the other end of the scale in sweet overdose with the Irish porridge. Malted steel-cut oats with raw honey, coconut, cinnamon and house made banana ice-cream. Oh yeah. 

I was surprised at how aromatic it was, it smelt like a delicious dessert rather than breakfast. I loved how textural this was, the crunchy toasted coconut rolled into the smooth and intensely flavoursome banana ice-cream and of course, the honey and oats which were creamy and wholesome. Simply beautiful, both comforting and filling, but also light on the palate with plenty of sweet notes and contrast in texture. Would go back. Please don’t take it off your menu Cobb Lane!

I did so very much want to have some more sweets after breakfast, but was much too full, so simply stood in front of the counter after our meal drooling over the goodies on display. Like doughnuts? Cobb Lane have got at least 5 for your consideration, sitting next to the danishes and over the top of the cakes and the tarts. What a tease. 

Although a little bit of a hike for us from the east, Cobb Lane is definitely worth the visit and I only wish I had done it sooner! 

(Psst, don’t forget to swing by Candied Bakery for their soft serve after a little stroll around Yarraville (to work up the appetite of course). Strawberry Cheesecake this particular day, killer!)

13 Anderson St
3013 VIC

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  1. Do they bake all of that bread on site? The smell must be fabulous!

  2. That dessert window though... holy wow!