Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Fish Market + Charlie and Co. Burgers

Because my schedule can be so tediously planned out week in, week out, it's not often that Brad and I have spontaneous meals, but when we do, as simple as they might be, they're always very enjoyable.

One spontaneous meal found us at the Fish Market, which instantly makes me happy with it's happy yellow decor, followed by a realisation that there are sweet potato fries on the menu. Yes!

The Fish Market is surprisingly spacious, with the usual ordering and frying up area out front, but plenty of seating out back as well. A small, but concise menu makes decision making quick and easy. 

Brad gets the Fish Market for 1, classically battered, with salad and an option of chips or rice (but we really know there's no decision and you always have to get chips!) I loved that there was a selection of three salads to choose from, all looking spritely and fresh, which I was informed are made daily on site. This particular day I went for the classic Greek salad. 

The fish itself was lovely, a generous serving with a thin and crisp batter, and not at all oily, which was quite nice!

I opted for a grilled blue grenadier (I think), which was cooked perfectly, and a side of sweet potato fries. The serving was generous, and I reckon that they're some of the best sweet potato fries I've had yet. 

All in all, although the Fish Market is a little bit more expensive than the average fish and chip shop, the quality was quite evident to me and although everything we had was simple, there was nothing there to fault (except maybe that I really really want more sweet potato chips now….)

272 Bridge Road

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Although I work in the city now, just off Flinders Lane, it's kind of amazing how lazy I've become to go looking for food during lunch time, usually not opting to travel more than two blocks for sustenance. However, on one sunny afternoon, I had an errand that took me to the other side of the city, and since I was passing by Emporium, thought it was opportune timing to check out some of the eats that everyone has been talking about.

One spot in particular had been ticking away on my mind, as really, once I have parmesan and truffle fries on the mind, they don't really go away. 

So I found myself at Charlie and Co, with a Classic Charlie Burger (wagyu patty, tomato, gherkins, garden leaves, aioli, tomato sauce and cheddar (although you can also get brie or blue cheese)) on a gluten free bun and a serve of said parmesan and truffle fries. 


The gluten free bun really didn't excite me, the texture was a bit tough, and honestly a bit like cardboard, but the filling of the burger definitely impressed. The meat was succulent and juicy, and the cheddar had melted perfectly over it. Oh and aioli. Aaaahhh….

What about the truffle and parmesan fries though? They did not disappoint. Both aromatic and delicious, with the truffle tickling all the olfactory senses satisfactorily and the fries themselves were super crunchy, slightly rich and simply moreish. It took a lot of restraint to not keep stuffing myself when I had filled up. 

Honestly, we've got some pretty good burger options in Melbourne now, and although Charlie and Co is probably not on the top of my burger list, it's a solid offering, and if I happen to be around the Emporium would definitely cross my mind as a lunch option...

Charlie and Co. Burgers
Emporium Melbourne
287 Lonsdale Street

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  1. Good quality fish is definitely worth the extra $$, and that looks like it's pretty fantastic fish!

    Our Sunday breakfast at a new joint in Nunawading included some fresh-from-Italy truffled pecorino shavings and I am absolutely in love with the truffle and cheese combo now ... soooo good :)

  2. You should put these pictures on your instagram, they are amazing!!

    Charlie & Co chips were actually ridiculous, one of the best I have had!