Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sir Charles

It’s funny to think that a lot of places in Melbourne are actually named after someone. I mean, look at Batman Avenue for example. The number of American friends I’ve had who have been fascinated with the street have also had a strong desire to drive down it going ‘Nanananananananana Batman!’ and are surprised to hear someone actually had that surname.

I wonder if anyone still does, how cool would it be to make a reservation in the name of “Mr. Batman”?

I had never taken much thought about Fitzroy before, but when Sir Charles opened, when I googled to find out more about it before visiting, I kept bumping into Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy (capital R)! I wonder if anyone still has that surname, and if they do, if they live in Fitzroy? 

It would only be fitting. 

Sir Charles the eatery is now open on Johnston Street, just a flick away from Brunswick Street. Although it has many of the elements of Scandinavian design that is so popular at the moment, the space is inviting and warm and I enjoy how the large and airy space has been broken up so that it doesn’t feel so warehouse-esque. 

The menu excites me, Sir Charles is clearly well travelled, with an eclectic mix of items, with some familiar things with new twists, and some things I’ve never seen on a brunch menu before…which is just fun. There’s an obvious Asian influence to the menu, and although some Asian-fusion combinations can feel a bit vacuous, I simply want to eat everything on this menu.

But I eventually opt for Sir Charles Benedict with panko crumbed eggs, Siracha hollandaise and bacon, served with roti. Yes. I don’t care what you all say, Siracha is still hot in my books. This combination is simply a winner, with perfectly cooked eggs, rich hollandaise with a bit of bite, delightfully salty bacon and roti, which isn’t served up too oily. All win here. 

Brad gets the jalapeño and mushroom poppers with a poached egg and salsa verde on a toasted baguette. Again, delicious, exciting lively flavours, with a bit of bite. That salsa verde, so fresh!

My only mildly negative comment about Sir Charles is that the portions are not ginormous, but they are executed well, and are fine if you’re not totally starving and mean you can also fit in brunch dessert. 

I couldn’t resist the toasted coconut, vegan crepe with butterscotch sauce, berry compote, and mango salsa. Vegan crepe? I was so intrigued.

It turns out, the vegan crepe is a thick, sticky rice pancake (essentially), which to my Asian palate is so familiar, but made fresh with the introduction of butterscotch and all the berries. I’m smitten with the colours, and it satiates the sweet tooth without being too decadent; especially first thing in the morning. I love the toasted coconut, the contrast of the fresh and crisp apple batons, and the slight char to the ‘crepe’. 

The staff are friendly, and very attentive and the chef, and co-owner, Tyler Preston, who brings experience from Chin Chin and De Clieu has created a very clever little menu indeed. I look forward to trying more of it, and also check out the dinner offering from Thursdays to Saturdays. 

Sir Charles
121 Johnston Street
Fitzroy 3065

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  1. Fitz means 'son of' hence FitzRoy is son of Roy and that's why it is capitalised