Monday, March 16, 2015

Two by Two

Although I regularly tote a bag around that says ‘Eat Cake for Breakfast’, in reality, I hardly do sweets for breakfast, despite my great love of sweets. Sure, maybe when I was 18 I felt like I could get away with it, but these days, I’m a little more conscious of what I’m eating. So now sweet breakfasts are relatively few, usually planned in advance on my end, but always savoured. 

I’ve always loved how pancakes read on menus, but alas, for the days when I am being a well behaved glutard, they are not on my list of things to eat, so all I can is look lovingly as someone else orders it when it walks on by and as such, am always on the hunt for someone who can do good gluten free pancakes…because really, not many places do!

A little while ago, after a pizza session at Lievita, Brad and I strolled around High street and passed by Two by Two. It looked cute, so I had a quick squiz at the menu hanging in the window, which after reading, decided we would be back next week.

And we were. As promised.

Two by Two is an all day eatery in Northcote, carrying through from breakfast all the way until dinner. It’s a generous space, but I opt to sit along the counter by the window…for lighting purposes of course!

Although I’m usually a bit hit and miss with Calmer Sutra chai’s, at Two by Two they do a good job with it, and although the mercury was creeping up outside, inside where it was still cool and comfortable, it was just what I needed.

Brad ordered the bacon and fried egg sandwich, with cheese and a housemade HP sauce, which was far more elegant than I could have expected to look at. Elegant, but delicious as well, the housemade HP sauce was a real treat! 

However, I was here for one reason alone.

Buckwheat pancakes with banana, pistachio and marscapone. 

And yes glutards, it’s gluten free. 

Two generously thick buckwheat pancakes, stacked and sitting in a pool of golden syrup, generously topped with fresh bananas, pistachios and a dollop of marscapone. Oh yes. These were so fluffy and airy, with great big lovely air pockets making them so absorbent, slurping up the sweet syrup they were sitting in. Although I initially thought the bananas might be nice charred, upon having them, I much preferred them fresh, adding a creaminess in texture. 

I particularily liked this combination because it wasn’t too sweet or indulgent…pistachios and bananas are totally good for you right? 

All in all, a very happy Ash. My sweet breakfast quota is filled for the month now! 

These have easily been my most enjoyed gluten free pancakes yet, however, if you know somewhere I should try out, I would love to hear about it! 

235 High Street
Northcote 3070

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  1. Those pancakes look fantastic, so thick and fluffy.
    Can I just ask, where does the term glutard come from? It has popped up all of a sudden.