Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Penny Drop

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the Penny Drop.

Hey guys.

It’s been a while. Again. I often ask Brad where I used to have the time to update the blog...3 times a week!

A lot has happened this year which hasn’t helped I suppose - getting married, going on honeymoon, starting a new job that I’m loving (but spending a lot more time with) and...looking at buying an apartment!

All this adult business all in one year.

One of the areas we’ve been looking for an apartment in recently is in Box Hill. We had spent some of the last couple of years looking at Hawthorn, near Brad’s work, and Southbank, near my work - but only recently considered Box Hill and when we thought about it, it made so much sense.

Close to the shops (all of the shops), close to a train line that both Brad and my work is on, only 30 minutes (without traffic) out of the CBD, and out east so we’re not too far from either of our parents. What’s not to love?

Especially with all the food offerings as well. From cheap and delicious Asian eats, to trendy cafes, like The Penny Black.

Brad and I had popped by the Penny Black when they first opened, but visited again recently and were so pleased that the food was still so delicious.

I love the Asian twist to the food that doesn’t feel superfluous, and that is still hearty, filling and delicious.

Brad’s ‘Rice Burger’ with forbidden black rice, five-spice pork belly, kohlrabi and apple slaw, fried egg and tsuyu sauce couldn’t really be eaten like a traditional burger (had to knife and fork it), but it was absolutely the delicious. Comforting and hearty flavours from the delish pork belly, nicely balanced out by the slaw. Also how good is a proper fried egg with some crusty edges and runny yolk?

My beetroot and sweet corn croquette was also lovely with spiced avocado, walnut cream, heirloom tomato, turmeric cauliflower and sweet potato crisp. It was very textural, I was surprised by the texture of the croquette which was lighter than I expected, and quite sweet from the vegetables which was nice.

The winning pick of the day though was my mum’s Mr. Ssam Benedict with fried soft shell crab, spring onion pancakes, beanshoot salad and poached eggs with kimchi hollandaise. Yum. All of the flavours together were so moreish, even the spring onion pancake with the beanshoots on their own were so tasty. Would definitely recommend for next time!

913 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill 3128

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