Friday, June 22, 2012

Oddfellows Restaurant

My friends have always exemplified me as someone who's a bit quirky. Maybe more in aesthetics than personality, as I will often be shopping with a friend and they'll see something that's bright, colourful and ridiculous and go "That's so Ashley". Most of the time they're not too far off. 

Which is maybe why the Oddfellows Restaurant in Colac appealed to me so much. A little mixed grab bag of cute retro pieces, taxidermied deer, local memorabilia, all wrapped up in a rather slick and shiny interior. 

I think I'll call him Charles.

I stopped by Oddfellows on the way to the Great Ocean Road with my cousins in May, when we went for an overnight stay down that way. It was a great little spot, just off the main thoroughfare, for a bit of driving relief! Stepping in, you immediately felt welcome, it is quite a large, lofty space, filled with autumn sunlight. Just a charm!

I absolutely adored just running around for a while, taking pictures of everything that caught my eye here. There was so much to look at! The whole place had a bit of a 'dandy Englishman' feel to it, as if we were in his sunroom with all his collectables around him!

What a wonderful name for a book!


The menu was simple, smart and cheery, with a couple of lunch specials for just $15!

I ordered a chai latte, and found it had a bit more of a vanilla hit than I usually like. The milk was very well frothed though, lovely and silky. I actually found for the rest of the time we were out down the Great Ocean Road that the chai's were generally a bit on the sweeter side, compared to what I am generally used to getting in the city. Not that I overly minded, but thought it was kind of interesting.

How cute are the different teaspoons we each got with our coffees?!

We got a plate of wedges to share which were a little surprisingly, incredible. I know, I'm easily excitable, but these were just awesome. I dubbed them a cross between a chip and wedge. Wedge in shape and colour, but there a bit thinner than your average wedge. What I loved most though, was just how crispy they were! Crispy, oily and delicious. Who needs more?

I just went with a simple salad, with a bit of smoked salmon in it. I was hoping for a little more salmon than I got, but it was light and enjoyable overall. A lovely mix of textures, from the fresh crunchy leaves, to the creamy dollops of avocado and the smooth cool salmon. Quite enjoyable!

One of the pizzas my cousins had. I didn't try any, but it smelt great and the crust looked to be just the way I would personally like it....

Before we left, I introduced my cousins to the great Australian classic that is the lamington. They went nuts for it. Yay!

I also fell in love with this little print on the way out. Am dying to find it so I can hang it up on my wall!

Oddfellows Restaurant
43 Gellibrand Street 
ColacVIC 3250

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