Thursday, February 4, 2016

The General Assembly

Diclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the restaurant 

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In the past 6 months, my ways have rubbed off on my mum.

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She’s into Instagram. 

And it’s totally awesome. Being the great cook she is, she now finds great joy in getting a quick shot of what she’s made in the evening, or taking snaps of our silly dog and ever unruly garden and sharing them with her 10 followers. Her captions are super cute too. 

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I love that now when we go out together, we’re both busy taking pictures when our meal arrives, like when I took her with me to the General Assembly in the South Wharf precinct. 

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On a gorgeously balmy evening with appropriate drinks in hand, we enjoyed yellow fin tuna ceviche with watermelon, jalapeños and shallots, which was presented a little differently than I expected. Rather than chopped, our tuna was a thick and generous slice; not quite as light and delicate as I had expected but definitely a little more hearty!

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For mains we got into the grilled spatchcock, with panzanella salad and basil oil, which was gorgeously juicy and a serve of the 300 gram Black Angus Hanger steak, cooked in the Josper charcoal grill. The Josper charcoal oven is one of a few in Melbourne, combining the functions of a grill and an oven to lock in moisture and get a lovely charcoal flavour to the meet. My piece of steak was cooked beautifully, blushing pink, medium, just how I liked. 

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And because my mum is as lush as me when it comes to food (savoury food at least), we just had to order the truffle mac and cheese, dotted generously with truffle through all the macaroni. So creamy, so rich, so good. Clearly love of richness is in the genes.

The big flavours didn’t finish there!

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I absolutely couldn’t resist ordering the “S’mores” toasted marshmallow with chocolate biscuit. Although it didn’t look so beautiful, arriving looking a little molten, it was sweet, sticky and decadent. 

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We also tried the chocolate and cherry mousse, with what I think was a raspberry sorbet (but don’t quote me on it). I wasn’t in love with the chocolate mousse personally, it was lacking in the rich cocoa flavour I was looking for, but my mum and I both loved the sorbet, which was tangy, bright, full of berry flavour and so refreshing. 

Although not everything was a complete hit, on a whole, The General Assembly served up solid hearty fare, that’s perfect if you’re looking for something relaxed; especially while we might still have some nice weather hanging around! 

29 S Wharf Promenade
South Wharf VIC 3006 

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