Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Is brunch-fatigue a thing? It’s such a Melbourne problem to have, when Brad and I sometimes wake up and just don’t feel like the usual latte and runny poached eggs. I guess when you do it every weekend it can get a little old.

So we are quite lucky to live in a city where when we are hit with an onset of ‘brunch-fatigue’, we actually have options where we can just switch it up, do something a little different, and return to the usual program the following week. 

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Oneyada, which opened on Victoria Street in Abbotsford (but most of us would probably just say Richmond), serves up Thai style breakfasts - which suited us just right. Run by the same people behind the well loved Jinda Thai, Oneyada is a cosy and relaxed space to start the day in. 

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Brad started with a Thai coffee, with condensed milk, whilst I opted for the hot Thai milk tea which I absolutely loved. I had never had Thai milk tea hot before, but I would love to more often as it was so smooth, warming, aromatic and comforting. 

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With Melbourne’s winter that never seems to be leaving, it was a fresh and sightly cool morning when we visited, so the jasmine rice soup with barramundi, ginger, spring onion and soybean nam-Jim was just the right type of comforting food that I needed. There’s just something about Asian style broths which are so wholesome and delightful. The flavours were familiar, but also light, and I loved the ginger and the soft rice that were lovely and soft in the soup. 

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Brad went with the congee with pork balls which was gloriously thick and steaming hot. As he was feeling a little under the weather, this is exactly what he needed, especially loaded up with ginger and coriander. He also opted for a soft egg on the side, for a little extra protein kick. 

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I also couldn’t resist giving the ‘Kao Jee’, egg coated stick rice cake, a go when I saw it on the menu - out of sheer curiosity and since it was only around $5. It’s a perfect little snacky item between two, but was a bit denser than I thought it might be. 

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When I used to visit Asia as a kid, I thought it was weird when people would eat rice and noodles for breakfast, but now? I get it. I really do. Wholesome, hearty, and like a warm hug of flavour to get you started on your day - if you’re needing an Asian breakfast fix, or just want a break from eggs, Oneyada has got you sorted out. 

Oneyada Cafe
239 Victoria Street

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