Friday, January 22, 2010

Hardware Societe - The Eptiome of the perfect cafe

Yes I'm serious.

I know every other Melbourne food blogger is too, but I am SO in love with Hardware Societe.

And no I promise it's not just because of the yellow tea cosy. (Even though I did actually squeal when I received my chamomile tea)

So I have made two visits in the past two weeks and I am planning on bringing a few more friends to this gorgeous cafe next week.

On my first trip with my best friend David, we giggled and ooh-ed and aah-ed at the interior was. I later discussed on my second visit with my mother that I did love the space so much because...there was so many yellow decorative features. (Yes I am a huge sucker for yellow), but the place just feels light and airy and very welcoming.

I arrived for lunch on a Friday afternoon at about 12:15pm and by 12:40, the place was full with people waiting for tables! So again people, get in early!

I opted for a chorizo, asparagus, chickpea and artichoke salad. The combination was just amazing, the artichokes were so creamy and delicious! I don't usually have them, so it surprised me just how much I enjoyed them!

David had the lamb meatballs with pinenuts, spinach and tomatoes. Oh I also, adore tomatoes, it was so savory...beautifully done.

I very much regret that we did not get dessert that day as I had spied a DELICIOUS looking trifle in their fridge, but we were both quite full and David had to get back to work. The next time I went...the trifle was not there.

But never to fear, it was 10am this second time I arrived at Hardware Societe, so trifle wasn't really something I desired for a brunch.

Instead my mother and I shared the continental breakfast, with vanilla yoghurt, a croissant and usually minted pineapple, but since they ran out we got compote peach, figs and plums instead.

Which also came with some great jams mind you. I love yoghurt. This one was very, very, very tart on it's own, but mix it with the fruit and it was sweet and easy to eat. And once I started doing that, it was very hard to stop.

I did not eat the croissant, but my mother marvelled at how it was warm and quite fluffy. Warm bread delights her. As it does me. Something I picked up from her I suppose.

And to finish off our late morning brunch, we had two of the home made macaroons. A lemon and passionfruit one and a white chocolate with berries.

I loved the texture of both, but found the lemon and passionfruit to be lacking in flavour a little, I wouldn't have minded a little bit more of a punch. The white chocolate with berries was divine though, not too sweet and a subtly rich.

And of course another pot of tea.

I think one reason I do enjoy Hardware Societe so much compared to other cafes, is that the food is not just your stock standard and the spanish twist really gives it a unique perspective. It's more exciting for the tastebuds no?

I'm certainly looking forward one day to come back and try the eggs or a more solid main...the salmon dish I saw another table have the first trip I was there looked good and solid....

Oh and to appease you all even more, starting February they're going to be open on Saturdays! Hoorah!

120 Hardware St, Melbourne
03 9078 5992

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