Friday, January 22, 2010

Up in the Clouds - Cumulus Inc

I think I open every post with this line.

Oh god I've been so slack.

I tend to fall in and out with blogging I find, but now that the festive season is mostly open (Australia day looms around the corner...) and I've had a bit of emotional turbulence settled, I will certainly strive to keep this up to date with all my eating escapades.

I'm going to post a few entries to re-cap on a few places I've been to over the past month for you all to enjoy!

So a couple days before Christmas, a very impromptu dinner was scheduled with two of my best guy friends, my lovely mother and an ex-co-worker who is an absolute sweetheart.

We decided to go to Cumulus Inc, as I had not taken my two besties there and...well, I figured mum would like it.

The last time I had been here was easily a year and a half ago now and I had enjoyed it then, and I certainly still enjoyed it now.

Oh let me introduce you to one of my besties, Ben. I've made him another author of this blog, as he frequents Sydney more than I do (not that I ever do...) and I would love for him to partake in sharing the gastronomical joys of the tourist trap city (I kid...somewhat) but I think we're going to both be quite similar in our laziness to this. But anyway. So Ben and I arrived first.

Cumulus Inc. do a GREAT negroni. Ben loves them, I'm not so fond of them, but this one was so bitter. So I did enjoy a good couple sips of that.

Cumulus Inc. is one of those "We don't do booking" places, which have popped up around in Melbourne over the past year. This doesn't bother me as I usually am an early person and enjoy having my meals earlier rather than later. Although it did surprise me as to how fast it filled up once 6pm hit. So if you can guys, get a friend who enjoys reading to reserve y'all a table at 5:30.

That's the gluten free bread. Doesn't it look delicious?! It was so nutty and had such a lovely texture to it. It was totally better than everyone else's bread. And hey, who doesn't love warm bread in general?!

I really do enjoy ordering tapas. And although my guy friends tend to complain that they're such small serves and you really don't get enough to fill up on, I think Cumulus Inc. tend to do a pretty good serving size...

We started with the crispy school prawns, sauteed with chilli and garlic. I remember having these last time I was there and I'm glad they weren't taken off the menu. I love having things to nibble on and these just fit that need perfectly.

The Kitchen Charcuterie Selection. If i had posted this earlier I probably could remember what all the meats were but I unfortunately really can't. Except for the chicken pate. That was yummmy.

A special off the menu! Grilled Zucchini flowers with tomatoes, sheep cheese, pine nuts and a moroccan spice....the name escapes me again. I did enjoy these a lot those, the spice used gave this beautiful warm sensation at the back of your throat after you gobbled these goodies down.

Tuna tartare with pea and mint salad. I remember seeing this the last time I ate at Cumulus Inc. with my friend and we were both ogling at how beautiful the colours had to make sure I had it this time. Lovely and refreshing.

Asparagus with egg and breadcrumbs

12 hour cooked pork strap. Omgosh. Delicious. That's all.

And to finish...we ordered, not one, but two rum baba's.

Why is rum baba so good at Cumulus Inc?

Because you get this lovely looking cake, with an amazing cream...

And you get a whole bottle of Havana Club rum to pour over at will.


So all in all, a lovely night in Cumulus Inc. and a restaurant I would love to visit again, although I'm also dying to try out Cutler & Co....

45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000
9650 1445

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