Sunday, January 24, 2010

Undiscovered places...

Okay, this place I went to today with my bestie David, I'd love to tell you what it's called...but I really can't.

We went to pick up a TV somewhere in Coburg this morning that he bought on eBay and since it was 10am in the morning and he hadn't eaten yet (I wake up at like 7, so I always eat something around then before I do anything...) we decided to go see if we could find anything cute on Sydney Rd to munch on.

And cute did we find!

This little place was quite busy inside, and is on Victoria St (I think), just off Sydney Rd in Brunswick.

We walked in and it was that funky, grungy, warehouse type of feel about it, but still warm and cosy. There was a big square communal table out front and some smaller tables a bit further in to comfortably squeeze in 2-4 people.

No lil menus in here, just great big chalkboards with everything written on them.

So David orders the french toast, which he commented a couple of times didn't really look like french toast and just looked more like....egg. But it was quite rich and very very sweet. Look at all that syrup! But the dollop of yoghurt mixed with the pistachios gave it a lovely texture and cut the sweetness back a bit.

And I, with my love of eggs, got the poached eggs with capsicum pesto, spinach and dukkah. OMGOSH dukkah. Delicious. I love splitting eggs open and having the yolk run all over everything.

And what can I say. I love brightly coloured dishes, the red capsicum is just so seductive to look at!

Good food, wonderful friendly staff, who were constantly doing bum jiggles and dancing all over the place. Gives the place a nice vibe y'know? So all in all, a place I'd definetly love to come back again, there were some great shops in the area that are closed on Sundays too...

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