Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodbye March!

So yeah, I know I've already posted about Hardware Societe like, every month but y'know. I really enjoy the place. And this is my food blog about what I eat, I don't have to show you guys a new place every time do I?

And hey! I really enjoyed my meal today! It also looks super pretty in the photos I took!

I was totally planning on coming in on Friday, but am glad I popped in today I totally forgot this weekend is Easter already and everything will be closed! Do you all have some awesome plans? You better all be stuffing your faces with chocolate!

My usual chamomile tea, I hadn't gotten the yellow tea cosy in a while, so I requested for it. :] Aren't the easter egg and easter chick adorable?

The special of the day and my meal! Cinnamon-ed quail on quinoa, currants, pine nuts, coriander and some carrots (if I remember correctly!) Totally filling and very delicious. I noticed other people on other tables checking my plate out before ordering it for themselves!

David's (I always do drag him along on my expeditions) meal, Rabbit (forgot what it was memory is shocking. I need to take photos of the menus next time...) with lentils, baby carrots and turnips. Loved this as well, the rabbit has been confit first, so it's super tender. Apparently a new entry on the menu...hopefully this will still be around as it gets a bit colder, I could imagine this being just perfect as the temperature drops....

As David had a short lunch break today, we gobbled up our desserts very quickly. But of course, they were so tasty as well, it's kind of hard not to!

Raspberry macaroon, still probably one of the best you'll get in Melbourne. I'm pretty sure I eat enough macaroons to have some idea!

My eyes totally jumped to the tray of these little goodies when I walked in initially. Can you imagine what a whole tray of these look like?! I love the size, really huge creamy eclairs don't appeal to me, but this is just the right size. Nice and light, I enjoy not feeling too guilty after my desserts! (Although I still did have the strawberry vanilla cheesecake last time...all by myself!)

So yes, I'm here every week pretty much. And I suggest you all are too, the daily changing specials adds more than enough variety and even the menu was changed up quite recently!

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St, Melbourne

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