Friday, December 26, 2014

Chai Boy

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary bag of Chai Boy to try from a friend

My love of chai latte’s has stemmed out of somewhat of a necessity in coffee-crazed Melbourne, as a substitute for coffee when I meet up with friends or go out with Brad for brunch on the weekends. As much as I like tea; there’s no doubt a hot milky drink is a delightfully comforting way to start the morning, or keep you going through the day. 

Take my mornings at home when I was sent a bag of Chai Boy’s chai to try. Although I seem to have inherited my father’s habit of waking up early, my mother has always been one to sleep in. However, when I got my Chai Boy chai, and used tablespoons to brew it instead of teaspoons (way better if you ask me), for two weeks straight (just about), she would wake up about an hour before I’d leave for work and pop a saucepan on the stove, to brew a cup for me and her. 

It was a delight, as the mornings were still mostly cool, to have my hands wrapped around a warm mug, and have some lazy conversation with mum, as Chai (my dog), padded around our feet, waiting to be let out.  

The aroma hits you fist as you’re brewing this chai, especially if you’re generous with measures as we were, intensely spicy, but softening out on the palate, with the edge of the spices, that are present in the aroma, removed by a deep and full bodied sweetness. I quite liked I didn’t have to add too much honey to this to get the sweetness that I liked as well, as the blend on it’s own was already quite delicious. Mum liked it as it did remind her of the Indian chai’s she’s had before as well. In fact she liked it so much, she had me buy a couple of bags for her friends for Christmas.

Now that we’ve just about run out, we haven’t had our morning rituals as frequently as we used to, so I may have to pop by one of the cafes that stock it and pick some more up soon…

Chai Boy chai can be purchased to take home, or have in store at the following locations: Touchwood in Richmond (home base), Barry in Northcote, Addict in Collingwood, Drugstore Espresso in South Yarra and Freckled Duck Cafe in Geelong. Follow them on Instagram!

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