Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meatball and Sons

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the restaurant 

Between Smith Street and Brunswick Street, I’ve always associated Smith Street more with brunch, and Brunswick Street more with late night shenanigans. Perhaps because Smith Street started coming into it’s own when Brad and I first started dating, and the blog first came into fruition, so we always seemed to make a beeline to Collingwood. 

However, I was quick to discover that there are in fact plenty of brunch places along Brunswick Street, unexpected ones even, such as Meatball and Sons, just a short stroll away from Johnston Street. 

Meatball and Sons is quirky and quaint, with owner and chef, Carlos Swinton-Lee taking clear inspiration from memories of his great grandmother’s General Store, with wooden boxes and wire baskets filled with all manner of fruit and bread, and jars stocked with tea and spices. Not to mention some beer lining the shelves too for a cheeky one in the evening. I just loved how cute it was. 

We took the usual seat by the window, even if it wasn’t busy; I can’t go past a good bit of lighting!

I was most pleased to see Prana Chai on the menu; when I visited I had been in and out of the country and missing my usual weekend chai fix!

Although by night Meatballs and Sons specialise in the round meaty goodness that are meatballs, in the mornings, the menu is a little more varied and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t as meat heavy as I thought it might be!

Waffles topped with bananas, mascarpone, flaked almonds and maple syrup? Coconut and black rice pudding with kiwifruit, pomegranate and toasted coconut? Oh I was sorely tempted. 

But as much as I want sweets for breakfast, I’ve always got to start my morning savoury, with the baked eggs with new potatoes cooked in a tomato sugo with melted cheddar, spinach and pine nuts. 

These baked eggs were quite saucy, and sweet, thanks to the tomato sugo and caramelised onions but balanced out with the toasted pine nuts and the beautifully baked eggs. Although they weren’t mixed through, they weren’t overcooked and still quite soft. Although baked eggs can have a tendency to be quite heavy, I didn’t find that with Meatball and Son’s baked eggs and the serve was a nice size to fill and satiate but not stuff. 

Of course though, we are in Meatball and Sons, so one of the few meatball dishes on the menu have to have a little quirky. Lo and behold, the ‘Big Baller’ with 2 eggs, poached or scrambled (Brad had them poached) with pork sausage balls, maple soaked bacon, smashed new potato and spinach. 

I was surprised that it didn’t look as intimidating as I thought it be, and the abundance of green was a nice surprise. I have to say Meatball and Sons also really put their money where their mouth is, as their pork meatballs was simply delicious. I loved how herbaceous and well seasoned the meatballs were, tender too!

To finish, Carlos insisted we try their homemade sodas, a ginger and mint beer, which packed a serious punch of flavour (not shy with the ginger there!) and the pressed cherry and basil soda which was sweet, but very refreshing. Would have liked to not have been so full after breakfast so I could have had more! 

…but I suppose I’ll be back for the waffles anyway, so there’s always next time…

266 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy 3065

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