Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Favourite Openings of 2014

Trying to recap all my favourite experiences of 2014 would just be too hard. It’s been such an amazing year for Melbourne, I can hardly keep up! So rather than try and go through absolutely everything I’ve done this year, I’m just going to focus on the newbies this year that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed instead…

Easily one of my favourite out of town adventures this trip! I had the most beautiful afternoon at Piggery Cafe for their afternoon tea with Daisy and Sarah. Even though the staffing might not have been 100% perfect, the afternoon tea was delicious, at an amazing price and I have not stopped telling people about it! 

Kirk’s Wine Bar is just so darned cute. I’ve loved the couple of times that I’ve been, sitting outside with a glass of vino as Hardware Lane buzzes by. And to boot the food is easy to nibble on as a snack, or turn into a meal, at what I think are quite reasonable prices. 

Also Ian Curley makes me laugh, in a good way and I’ve very much enjoyed meeting him this year. 

I know it technically opened last year in December 2013, but it’s close enough to 2014 that I’m including it in the list. It has been my failsafe recommendation this year and although I still don’t understand the lure of ‘Chicken and Waffles’ generally, Nieuw Amsterdam have translated it into a language that I can digest with vigour with their slightly more gourmet take on it!

Killing brunch, slaying dinner. And saving the world too (kind of). What more could you want? I’ve somewhat hated that these guys are always busy when I’ve turned up, but it’s only due to the fact that the food is delicious and also interesting. Seriously the best kale and silver beet I’ve had this year. No question!

These guys have made me wish that I lived around the corner on a weekly basis with the deliciousness that comes up through their Instagram feed. The Japanese inspired menu, only in flavour, not in tradition, is packed heavy with flavour and richness, and a whole lot of clever. They’ve also done the most memorable carrots for me of 2014!

Mister Jennings
I’m still dreaming about that frozen kangaroo. Every time I look at the photo, I’m thinking of all the sensations in texture, that altered and changed with each degree as it got warmer. And those puffed up tendons. I promise a write up is coming soon! 

I feel like I talk about these guys too much. I probably do. Sorry. Not sorry! Until In-n-out actually gets it’s American-ass down here, I’m sticking with these guys for my burger fix. I simply cannot get enough of that jalapeño kick in ‘the Chunk’, and these guys do the best ‘protein’ style burger I’ve come across yet. On and their desserts? Love!

These guys just make it on the 2014 list! After re-trying their gelato recently, I honestly think they are probably my favourite gelato in town (although it’s a very, very close race with Spring Street Grocer so I still haven’t quite decided…) 

Quick, get in for that Christmas Pudding gelato. You’re missing out otherwise. Really. 

Well, I know Japan didn’t technically ‘open’ in 2014, but good god. My love for it with my two visits this year have just multiplied in crazy volumes. I’m already planning a 2015 trip, but this time I’ll drag Brad around with me and definitely have even more cake. 

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