Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a great Valentine's day or/and Happy Chinese New Year!

Since I am happily single right now, I celebrated Chinese New Year with my family. :]

A week or two ago, we were invited to Chillipadi in Melbourne Central to sample the Chinese New year banquet they're offering. :]

It is an 8 course meal...and believe me, there's PLENTY of food!

To start off, of course, the Yee Sang salad. Which is always fun, the higher you toss everything the more money you'll get in the new year! Wahey! There's grated veggies, pomelo, some smoked salmon, sesame oil and 5 spices in this. Always a nice way to start off a meal. :]

This is the sundried oyster dish with pork and wrapped in wongbok. They've changed the presentation a bit since I believe...

Fried fish fillets with mango sauce, and sweet chilli, gives it a nice bang.

King prawns served with braised noodles. The noodles were a wee bit starchy, but the prawns were still very sweet and tasty.

Stir fried vegies, I love those gingko nuts! Mmm!

Chicken poached in sauvignon blanc and chinese spices. Unfortunately we had tucked into this before I remembered to take a picture! This is served cold, which actually made for a very refreshing dish midway through the banquet, refreshed the palate y'know? :] Could really really taste the alcohol in it though...although it is quite nice.

Pork cooked with kahlua and chocolate sauce. This is...a boogling dish. It absolutely smells like chocolate, but when you eat it, it tastes more like plum sauce, none of the cocoa comes through the flavour at all. We all had a lot of fun being puzzled by this dish!

Black rice pudding with fruits and warm coconut sauce. A little bit thick for my preference personally, but the chefs informed me that it is supposed to be thicker as it is more of a pudding, that the traditional black rice dessert. Could've used a little more coconut milk as well, but I tend to like my things very sweet. Hehe.

All in all, quite a good meal, with pleeenty of food to be had. I believe the banquet promotion is still on, so if you feel the need to celebrate Chinese New Year and eat your way to wealth, why not book yourself in? :]

Menzies Alley, Cnr Elizabeth and Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne Vic 3000
9663 5688


  1. Hi:)
    That looks amazing, and i really want to travel to Melbourne now:)
    Have a smashing day, SP

  2. I've never been to Chilli Padi - always thought that it was downmarket Asian food for non-Asian people. It looks like I was wrong, must try it!

    Jetsetting Joyce

  3. Hi Joyce!

    Chillipadi used to be more malaysian based but it's now looking to cover a wider range of foods in the Pan Asian region.

    But do give it a try! If you pop by the Melbourne Central store, you should also try Chilli India, freshly made roti chanai and dosai! :]