Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's good...and that's no Lie. - Liar Liar

So today I had no plans until 5:30pm where I have to drop my brother off at work.

And I was really getting...well not cabin fever. But it was a nice day and I wanted to go out and buy a book and have lunch.

My brother decided to join me in my random escapade and we down to Glenferrie Road and after picking up 'A Game of Thrones' from Readings, popped into Liar Liar.

I'd been reading about this cafe for a while, I can't remember why, but hey, why read when you can try it for yourself? :]

The place is indeed very cool. It's small, intimate and has some very funky beats going on in the background. Friendly staff too, my brother and I first positioned ourselves by the door as I didn't think there was more space in the back, but we were quickly ushered into a nice quiet cool spot in the back corner, which I quite appreciated.

My brother's strawberry granita, sweet and refreshing. I ordered a 'refresher' juice, which was well...sorry to be cliche, but refreshing indeed. I'm quite keen to try their apple, mint and lime juice next time though!

I ordered one of the blackboard specials, a frittata with tomato, artichoke and rocket salad. Nice and light, the salsa was delicious as well!

My brother was mega hungry and ordered the "The Big Fat Liar" or something like that. Essentially a big breakfast with tomato, spinach, bacon, mushrooms and eggs (he prefers them scrambled). Although since he eats so fast I cannot comment on how it was! It looked pretty delicious though!

A lovely meal and I'd love to come back one mid afternoon maybe with my dog, order a chai tea latte and continue reading my new book.

90 Kinkora Rd
Hawthorn Victoria 3122
9818 8864


  1. hI:)
    Just want to say that i really love your food blog:)

  2. Hi SP,

    Thank you so much! :] I hope you can come to Melbourne sometime to try all these wonderful places too!