Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York Tomato - Saucy baby...

Before I go into this review, I just want to say thanks to the people who do comment on my very small little blog, for some reason I haven't been getting email alerts when you do, so pardon my late replies but I do definetly read everything eventually!

But anyway!

We went to New York Tomato, somewhere I've been wanting to try for ages, for a late breakfast before popping off to Werribee zoo today! (Which was fabulous fun)

I really do like how quaint and hidden the place is amongst all the houses...loved the grunge-esque feel and the staff who worked there were very friendly...although it was quite hot, but I suppose it was 34 degrees today...

One friend got the poached eggs with a side order of bacon and mushrooms.

And David got his always favourite poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, came with mushrooms and bacon. Although he wasn't entirely impressed with them...he has been to New York Tomato a few times before and thinks that the additional sides used to not be there.

But he did finish everything, so I suppose that's a good sign!

And I just HAD to try the baked eggs with napoli sauce, cheese, dukkah and onions. Gosh isn't that colour just inviting? It was a little bit saucier than I would have liked though, I found I didn't really get much of the taste or texture of the eggs or the tomatoes and onions that were in the dish. It was just swimming in sauce!

But to be fair, the sauce was tasty and I just love tomatoes. And it was great with the bread!

So although I might not come back for the baked eggs, I think the guys got their orders right with the poached eggs, so might come back to try that some time!

2-6 New Street
Richmond Victoria
9429 0505


  1. Hi:)
    That looks amazingly good, i am getting really hungry here in Norway.
    I really love your photos, they capture the food so elegantly:)

    Keep up the good work, from me to you...have an amazing and wonderful day, SP

  2. Food looks fab - I've never heard of it, thanks for the recommendation.

    Jetsetting Joyce