Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hardware Societe - Now for brunch!

So I've been going to Hardware Societe like once a week, because I absolutely adore the place.

But went there on Saturday for the first time, they only just started doing Saturdays this month, and after having a brief discussion with the owners, they may or may not continue doing it, depending on how good the business is...

I do love though, since I'm not usually in the city in the mornings, that on their brunch menu they have a lot of their breakfast-y items! So I finally got to try their eggs! Although they will be making a change to include more brunch-type food in the future. :] (I wonder what defines brunch-type food...?)

Scrambled eggs with peas, fish roe and a smoked salmon baguette. DELICIOUS. The eggs were so creamy...and the saltiness of the fish roe was just right. :]

My friend got the omelette with tomatoes and asparagus. He finished everything so I assume i was pretty good!

120 Hardware St, Melbourne

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  1. Hi:)
    Is there anything better then an omelette:)
    For me there is NOT!

    Looks like you are having a good time:)

    Keep posting.SP