Saturday, June 19, 2010


Argh! Have been so busy this week, can't believe I haven't found anytime to blog! Who would've ever thought the lead up to a 5 week trip to the US could be so stressful!

On Wednesday I had wanted to originally pop by to Hardware Societe as it's been a while since I've been, but David decided we should check out his side of Bourke St a little more, so off we went down to Little Collins instead.

I find myself reading more and more about new places opening and trying to find new cafes on Urbanspoon to visit and funnily enough, when he took me to Famish'd, I had just been reading about the place the day before!

The concept of Famish'd is to provide good, fresh and light but tasty and filling food. They mostly do salads, with two options, either mix your own, subway style, or get one or a combination of their pre-made salads. On this cool winter day they also offered a sweet corn and chicken soup and a vegetarian lasagna...or something along those lines.

I got a mix of two different types of salads, one with pumpkin, beanshoots and dried cranberries and another that was called 'Violet Crumble' with spinach leaves, oranges and carrots. The produce was indeed fresh, although I can't say salads particularly excite me much these days. Especially in winter, but it felt good to be eating healthy food all the same.

David went for the soup, which was actually very tasty, the corn was very sweet. Maybe I should've gone for this instead...

I got my usual chai latte, which came with an adorable little chocolate meringue. The meringue was amazing, they had little chocolate chips inside it, making it really rich and chocolate-y. Mmm! The chai on the other hand, I could probably go without having again, there was an odd sweetness to it that I've never tasted in a chai before which didn't really suit my palette so much. Milk was frothed very nicely though.

David wanted to get a dessert and was apparently recommended the crumble. Now when it comes to crumbles, I'm spoiled at home with mum's recipe so I am quite particular. This wasn't too bad, the fruit/jam bit was nice, but I found the crumble to otherwise be a bit dry to my tastes. Although it did crumble well I suppose, David and I were covered with cake-y goodness afterwards!

Overall, Famish'd was pretty good, I quite liked the eating space and can see it working very well for corporates in the area, for a not-everyday-in-the-city person like me though I find it lacking a little bit in personality that I get from cafes.

130 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Ph: 03 9004 0322
Famish'D on Urbanspoon


  1. I think that place looks amazing, and i would love to visit some day ...

    Thanks for the heads up...

    Have a great day - SP

  2. Thanks for this post - I've never heard of Famish'd and I'm always looking for lunch spots in the CBD. Another one to add to the list!

    Jetsetting Joyce

  3. SP - You'll have to let me know if you're ever in Melbourne! :) Would love to take you around and explore new places!

    Joyce - Most welcome! This spot is pretty darn new as well, so it probably hasn't really come out onto the restaurant radar just yet. :)

  4. Hi Ashley,

    Than you for your prompt review. We have actually only been open for 6 weeks now, and your review was just 2 weeks after we opened, so yes, we are pretty new.

    I appreciate your comments and you will be pleased to know I took on board your Chai feedback and have already changed suppliers.

    With regard to the atmosphere, I think this may have been a product of the early stage in which you visited us as well as the time of day that you popped in. I can tell from the positioning of the cakes in your photos, as well as the presence of the guy in yellow (who is a regular customer and our earliest lunch customer each day). Now that we have been open a few more weeks, you will be pleased to know that the atmosphere has certainly picked up with people now waiting for seats to vacate most lunchtimes.

    I would be keen for you to give us another try but thank you in any event for your review. Also, if you'd like to follow us on Twitter, you will be able to find out when we are next serving the Poached Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup! ;)


    Georgia Samuel

    p.s. I would have suggested the moist orange and almond cake ;)Yum!