Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The King Fisher Blue - Good but not quite the best...

Sometime ago, Brad discovered that a fish and chip place very close to his place had received the honour of being Australia's best fish and chips by Crisco this year.

So whilst I'm not too knowledgeable about fish and chips, we knew we had to try them out anyway!

We popped in on a Friday night at about 6pm and found the place absolutely bustling and the longer we stayed there the more people came in. While it had the very traditional look of a fish and chip shop, I certainly appreciated that it was very clean and not absolutely drowned in oil. The kitchen was very well staffed, with people swarming all around behind the counter.

The menu was quite vast, with two boards dedicated to value packs and one each for kebabs, burgers, fish and extras. There was quite a variety of fish to choose from, but we settled for the blue grenadier and decided to get one fried and one grilled, with some chips of course.

We probably waited about 20 to 25 minutes for our order, which quite surprised me, as I had the impression these sort of places would turn over food orders over very quickly. However, there were a vast amount of people waiting when we had arrived earlier and even more coming in after us.

So at about 6:30 we got our piping hot bundle and quickly sped home to have them nice and fresh.

The fish on the left is the fried fish, and the one on the right grilled.

Brad and I both decided we liked the grilled fish better, the grill gives a really nice char to the batter, although both were done pretty well. The fish was well cooked and fairly moist and I was exceptionally impressed with the batter. Both fish were coated with just enough batter to cover the whole fish but not to overwhelm it. Enhancing the natural flavours rather than battering them over with oil.

The chips we felt though were a bit lack lustre, I personally love a chip that crisp on the outside and gives you a nice crunch as you bite into it. These were fairly soft, not soggy at least, but not impressive either.

Best fish and chips? King Fisher Blue does do them pretty darn well, but I wouldn't go out on a limb to say the best. I think any day I'd rather still go to Hooked and have the beautiful hand cut chips there.

Shop 39/190 Jells Rd
Wheelers Hill, 3150
9561 6962
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