Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vietnam - Melbourne - USA

Hey guys! No food this post, but just letting you know I'm jetting off to Saigon tonight, or technically tomorrow since my flight is at 00:05!

I'll be there for a week for business and some pleasure too of course! I am totally excited to be feasting on rice paper rolls and mustard leaf rolls....mmmm!

Unfortunately though, sometimes the Vietnam networks do block blogger/blogspot, so I may not be able to retell my adventures until I get back to Melbourne on the 14th.

Now after the 14th, I'm back in Melbourne for a while and will definetly be getting my fill of cafes and restaurants since on the 23rd I jet off to the US for 5 weeks!

Yes I am super super excited! Although a bit terrified at the food I might find there....something tells me it won't take me long to be yearning for Hardware Societe...

But I will remind you guys closer to the date, wouldn't like to just disappear on you all for 5 weeks with no notice!

So just a quick recap!

7th - 13th - Vietnam - Limited posting

14th - 23rd - Melbourne - Lots of posting!

24th June - 27th July - USA! - Sporadic postings!

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