Saturday, June 19, 2010

Le Petit Gateau - a quick taste

One of the best chai latte's I've had and possibly the BEST macarons I've had in Melbourne. (Key note on possibly because I'm still infatuated with Hardware Societe's...)

Popped in to Le Petit Gateau whilst picking up my international license from RACV, oh gosh, I'm dying to come back to try the cakes. I spied a mont blanc dessert, which I would've very happily devoured, however was unfortunately lacking on time.

So I just got a few of the macarons to try, I opted to get the pistachio and blueberry macaron, but was very pleasantly treated to a third one on the house (my 'oooh' at the mention of salted caramel obviously got noted...).

Oh gosh, what a treat these were. So deliciously dense in texture, none of this air filled stuff, and rich in flavour. The blueberry one even had a little blueberry in the very centre! Absolutely loved them. Definitely want to try and go back before I run off to the US!

Le Petit Gateau
458 Little Collins St

Melbourne 3000

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  1. Oooh another new macaron place! Will definitely be putting this on my list - salted caramel is my absolute favourite! yum

    Cheers, Emily