Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Roule Galette

Roule Galette has been a favourite little spot of mine that I go to every now and again when I happen to be on the Flinders St side of the city and it's a cold miserable day. (My side of the city is usually around Little Bourke - Lonsdale).

I first came upon galette's when I was in Dusseldorf, Germany on exchange at a French fair that was held by the riverside over a weekend. I remember seeing the stand on a Saturday and pondering what they were, they looked exactly like crepes but were a darker colour....I had a sneaking suspcision what they were, but quickly went home that night to check.

Discovering they were buckwheat flour, my gluten-intolerance cheered and I scuttled back to the fair the next day to gorge myself with these savoury delights.

Roule Galette is a tiny little shop, just off from Flinders Lane, you can opt to takeaway or if you can find one, take a seat in the little eatery. It's well worth it if you can, the place just oozes french charm, without being at all pretentious (perfect for a date), especially when the owner is there. I always love going into places where the waitresses and waiters speak the language, it really transports you from Melbourne for that little while...

Brad and I are huge on cider and almost always order it when we can. This bottle was a lovely dry one from France, although we originally wanted the sweet one. I adore how light and crisp cider is in comparison to beer, so easy to drink and doesn't leave you bloated.

I also love the rice bowls (seriously, look at how big they are!) they give us to use as cups, it's so pleasant to cup your hands around it and slowly sip on the cider. I would say 'let it intoxicate you' but this cider was only 2%...so I didn't find myself too tipsy at the end of it.

As always Brad and I agonized over what to order, we were both very tempted to order what we got last time, which for those who want to know was the 'Forestiere', with bechamel, bacon and mushroom....mmmm....but this time Brad decided to get the 'Chicken du Chef' with saute chicken, mushroom and a bit of cream. I was very tempted by the same, but was adamant that I had to have cheese in my galette, so went for the 'Popeye' with bechamel, cheese, spinach and mushrooms.

Brad's 'Chicken du Chef' was very very tasty. Brad couldn't finish his so I ended up pinching a fair bit of it. However, it was, in my eyes that night, lacking, since it did not have cheese...

Whilst mine did. It was a cold night and this was just perfect. You can't go too wrong with mushrooms and spinach, oozed all around with melted cheese and cream sauce. Decadent, but necessary as I was very hungry.

I've always wanted to see if they could do one of their sweet crepes on a galette for me, but have always found myself more than satisfied after a savoury galette, so think that I will have to make a specific trip one of these nights just to have dessert there!

Basically, I just adore this place.

Roule Galette
241 Flinders Lane Scotts Alley
9639 0307

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