Monday, June 17, 2013

Tidbits of Los Angeles and the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM!

Hey guys! How's that cold and rainy weather in Melbourne going? It's kind of awesome and sunny with blue skies and what not here in Los Angeles!

Firstly, thank you to everybody who commented and had suggestions on my post about heading to America. Even if I haven't responded, I've read all of them and I can't wait to check out your suggestions for San Francisco, and will happily compare In-N-Out and Shake Shack for those of you who are curious!

I totally thought I would have had more time to keep the blog updated and maybe pop up little tidbits here and there, but since Brad and I have arrived, it's been go, go, go all day! Our last two days started at around 8am and didn't finish until quite late! Only today we've decided to really just kick back and take the afternoon off, so I've finally had some time to go through my photos. 

I'm quite sleep deprived currently (fun, rough and late night last night...) so will hold back on the writing when I have more time to sit and reflect on my thoughts and instead just share a few pictures of our time in LA, we head off to San Francisco tomorrow!

Ready for photo spam?

 photo Los-Angeles-Chiquis-Taco-Truck-3761_zpsab7d02a4.jpg

 photo Los-Angeles-Chiquis-Taco-Truck-3781_zpsb736d2ab.jpg

 photo Los-Angeles-Chiquis-Taco-Truck-3766_zps66bbe206.jpg

Our first night, after 6 hours of not eating, we satiated ourselves with $1.25 tacos from Chiqui's taco truck. Oh. My. God. Mind blown. Could not stop smiling. 

 photo Los-Angeles-Chiquis-Taco-Truck-3783_zpsbaf7a9fa.jpg

 photo Los-Angeles-Chiquis-Taco-Truck-3788_zps55c2c4b3.jpg

This happened.

 photo DSC_3801_zps0b900389.jpg

 photo DSC_3870_zps69cf1b13.jpg

 photo DSC_3881_zpsb00a599e.jpg

This Optimus Prime could move and talk. He called me the 'Blue Haired One'. I told him I loved him. He told me he appreciated the sentiment. MY LIFE WAS MADE.

 photo DSC_3893_zps37a8e6ef.jpg

The huge servings started at Universal Studios...

 photo DSC_3933_zpsdc515a9c.jpg

In-N-Out happened. It was delicious. I want more protein style burgers in my life.

 photo DSC_3952_zps1be56bf0.jpg

Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most beautiful and relaxing spots to stop by for a drink.

 photo DSC_3957_zpsd72a6e8c.jpg

Just hanging with a star...

 photo DSC_3997_zps4c93e7d1.jpg

Ginormous breakfasts were consumed at Blu Jam Cafe (after a 30 minute wait!). This is my "I'm really going to eat all this" face!

 photo DSC_4003_zps8e7e39e3.jpg

Popped by the La Brea Tar Pits. Not something you see everyday, kind of cool it's been here since the time of the Ice Age!

 photo DSC_4015_zps376db1dd.jpg

 photo IMG_8972_zpsa84f779d.jpg

I discovered a Georgetown Cupcake boutique had opened in LA. It's important to sample the gluten free peanut butter fudge flavour.

I think my life might be complete. Especially when a gluten free red velvet cupcake is in my life.

 photo DSC_4059_zps335d0765.jpg

Venice beach. Still crazy as ever.

 photo DSC_4083_zps91c3ab24.jpg

 photo DSC_4090_zps6fb72a20.jpg

After dinner at Katsuya's (where the mains and entrees were good, but the sushi rolls were a bit lack lustre), we randomly got invited to a club with a friend, where we may have had too many vodkas. 

 photo DSC_4140_zps5b7d9a30.jpg

 photo DSC_4142_zps6677c1c2.jpg

And thus gorged on pupusas and tamales at the Hollywood Farmer's Market the next day (which was today), while we were hungover and sleep deprived. It was glorious.

 photo DSC_4157_zps02d969f4.jpg

Sno Cones make me happy. Especially when they are blackberry and lemon on one side, and strawberry and rhubarb on the other. Natural flavours make for total deliciousness.

 photo DSC_4165_zps31844cbc.jpg

And so do sweet peaches. I wandered close to this guy's table, he gave me a sample of one of his peaches, I fell in love. I bought a single peach for 90 cents and he proceeded to toss in these two plums as freebies, which are also beautifully sweet and delicious. 

 photo DSC_4167_zps660ac28d.jpg

That colour!

Speaking of colour, I've had about 6 people a day tell me they love my hair. It's cute. People in Australia seem to be too shy to say? Maybe I should be blue all the time?

We're having a grand time (albeit a little tiring) and I'm so super keen on heading to San Francisco tomorrow. 

Make sure you follow my Instagram account, to get live updates on what I'm doing and eating!

For those wondering, we didn't end up getting a car, and I'm quite happy to say, if you plan out your time here, although it requires a fair bit of walking, you can get around without a car. Just depends on what you want to do!

Proper write-ups of everything will come later! Ciao for now!


  1. so much food! cant wait for your proper write-ups!

  2. Woot! You are in California!
    I am super jealous already, and really want taco truck tacos, how amazing are they and for the price...
    I love In-N-Out but have never had Shake Shack.
    Looking forward to seeing where and what you eat in San Fran.

  3. Do want the cheap tacos and burgers and EVERYTHING. And yes, your hair colour is cool.

  4. Here in Costa Rica it's sunny with blue skies until afternoon when heavyrain is sure to follow lol. If you like tacos, in case you ever head doWn here you will LOVE tacos arreglados in San Jose. That being said, those look absolutely scrumptious!

    :O Totally epic meeting with Optomus Prime! New tick for bucket list and a new empty slot for mine. xD

    Cupcake ATM! And it's pink! 2 broke girls moment anyone?

    Can't wait to see/read more, by the way, you have gorgeous hair! :)

  5. Dude I totally forgot everything I was going to say by the time I finished reading this. TOO MUCH GOODNESS.

    Does Optius Prime count as one of the six?

    The first time I had In-N-Out I had the protein style and it was possibly the messiest thing I'd ever eaten. Perhaps also because it was past midnight after spending the whole afternoon stuck in a broken down bus coming back from the Grand Canyon in the middle of summer with no air conditioning and I've lost my train of thought again SO MUCH GOODNESS yay desserts peanut butter!

  6. LOVE THIS POST! YOU ARE TEH AMAZEBALLS !!!11!!!1.. so jelly