Friday, September 13, 2013

A little taste of Little Henri

Although online shopping websites are surging in numbers, I've been finding I'm quite put off by online shopping these days. Now don't get me wrong, I love to browse, but actually buying anything doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. I'm an incredibly tactile person so love to see and  touch what it is that I'll be buying.

I think it's a lot about how I feel in the clothes, which is hard to gauge by looking at it on someone else's body in a picture and not feel the quality of the fabric. You can't tell unless you see and try on the clothes or the accessories in person. The emotional connection is not there. 

Stay with me a minute, I have a point here. 

I feel like I recently had a similar experience with a cafe recently in a similar manner. It's been floating around on the never-ending 'list', pretty well-rated and stuff, but has just never made it up high enough for me to decide one weekend that I want to go there. 

 photo little-henri-8631_zps59e655e0.jpg

I'm talking about Little Henri in Thornbury.

My mother and I unexpectedly ended up in Little Henri, when we decided to go out for coffee and sweets one afternoon and discovered the cafe she wanted to check out a few streets down was actually closed. 

 photo little-henri-8632_zps668ec71e.jpg

 photo little-henri-8639_zps51dc3c50.jpg

I fell in love with the decor upon stepping into the cafe. It was so cute, so charming, had just the right amount of light, right amount of space, right amount of grunge and right amount of timber for me to instantly have an emotional connection with it. Just like slipping on the perfect pair of jeans in a shop and finding it fits like a glove.

 photo little-henri-8659_zps132206ba.jpg

And no where online, had I gotten the impression that I would love the interior this much. I needed to see it in person to feel it, and I think with all the hype that can be made online sometimes, people can just forget that. You just have to go somewhere to experience it for yourself.

 photo little-henri-8724_zps6d469737.jpg

 photo little-henri-8723_zpsa33c31a7.jpg

 photo little-henri-8678_zps176c32af.jpg

 photo little-henri-8684_zps27fe4600.jpg

Although I wasn't quite as smitten with my soy chai (a little lax in flavour), mum liked her coffee, dark and smooth and the pistachio torsade and little meringue tart were such a treat as we got through a bit of work together. It really was a lovely space to work in, with a rather open floor plan and the sun lazily shining through the windows, keeping us nice and toasty.

 photo little-henri-8689_zps987496de.jpg

 photo little-henri-8712_zps784bdd1a.jpg

 photo little-henri-8715_zps63dc92e9.jpg

The torsade was the perfect thing for a mid-afternoon carb hit, that wasn't too sweet, and I just melted over the soft meringue that topped a zesty tart filling. Love how small and cute it was, perfect for a sugar hit without too much love to the hips. Mmhmm.

 photo little-henri-8734_zps7f4dc4ac.jpg

 photo little-henri-8732_zps302ecb83.jpg

Of course, since mum and I did go mid-week, off-peak hour, I really got to enjoy the cafe in a different way than I usually would over the weekend. However, I do think I would have regardless responded the same way, as really, how can you not smile when those daffodils are looking so cheery? 

 photo little-henri-8729_zps11412a09.jpg

I'm looking forward to popping back for breakfast, since Little Henri has now found itself a little higher on my list. Although I do imagine it might be a wee bit noisy as I didn't spot anything soft around to dampen weekend noise...

850 High Street
Thornbury 3071

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  1. I had basically the equal opposite experience the other weekend at 30 Mill in Malvern ... by all accounts and based on reviews and photos I should have loved it but I actually found it just a bit 'meh' (and really, really noisy!).

    So, that's one off the list and one on ... Little Henri is definitely going to have to be tried at some stage :)

    1. How interesting! But I guess it does happen that way as well, I think these days I'm not really expecting much when I head out, so I'm always quite aptly pleased with what I get! :)

      Although all these new restaurants and cafes are really quite noisy. Surely people think about acoustics a little bit? Maybe?

  2. the pastries look pretty amazing!

  3. I remember seeing the photo on Instagram looks really pretty the decor of the cafe will need to check it out soon :)