Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pana Chocolate

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After discovering Pana Chocolate at the Taste of Melbourne last year, I was hooked on the stuff. Vegan, raw, low GI and organic chocolate, which also happens to be lip-smackingly delicious. Oh and it's also produced in Melbourne, support local! 

Previously, finding stockists of the chocolate could be a little hit and miss, as markets wouldn't always have all the chocolate varieties, or often gave it a bit of a nasty mark up.

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But no more! Pana Chocolate recently opened up a permanent shop in Richmond, so I whisked Shamim off with me to pop in and visit, after checking out a warehouse sale nearby (where we did not buy anything). 

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The space is clean and simple, obviously geared to customers getting things to takeaway with only a few seats next to the window. One wall is covered with clipboards with cute and inspirational quotes printed out. Such an easy and fun way to add some brightness to a space. Love it!

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And of course, there was a cabinet of chocolate. While you can buy Pana Chocolate's bars here, they've also elevated their offering with gorgeous little truffles, premium chocolates and a variety of slices and cakes as well…all vegan, raw, organic etc. etc. as well. 

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Whilst it is tempting to get everything, Shamim and I opt to share a hot chocolate (with the same qualities as the chocolate) and a couple of little chocolates as well.

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They do not disappoint, the white chocolate and raspberry is sweet, dense and smooth, the dark chocolate and peanut butter a tiny bit more mellow than I expected without the typical richness that peanut butter usually offers and I absolutely fell in love with the chilli chocolate, with a scattering of salt crystals on top. Gorgeous little kick in the back there. 

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I also love the hot chocolate, which is made with almond milk, so doesn't sit heavily in your stomach afterwards, but still has that dark and rich cocoa flavour on the tongue. 

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Simple, but honest and keeping true to what they do, I'm loving Pana Chocolate's space, and since my little cousins are dairy free (and allergic to a couple of other things) I'm sure I'll be popping by regularly to top up on treats for them!

491 Church Street
Richmond 3121

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  1. Love, love, love!! We've been moving towards a healthier lifestyle for a while now but treating ourselves with something sweet has constantly been where we fall down ... this place looks like it covers that problem well, and deliciously!

  2. hey that's me =D haha. I definitely have to come back here for Alex ever since he went vegan.

  3. I love Pana Chocolate - so delicious! I haven't made it to the store yet but it's very high on my to-do list. Even higher after seeing your gorgeous photos!

  4. pana chocolate is amazing stuff! wish they had an actual shop here in sydney!

  5. Oh yes! We can only get selected blocks over here in Perth...a WHOLE CAFE!!?!?!?!??!

  6. oooo good to know! Will have to check it out :)

  7. YAY They have their own cafe now will need to go check it out! :)

  8. Just came across your blog, love it! And your photos a beautiful!! :)

    1. Aww, thanks Katie! Hope you stick around for a while :)