Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Restoran May n' Mike's

So I'm gonna pretend it's yesterday and pretend that I got this blog up on the day I actually ate the food. I have a terrible habit of blogging about things a few days late...

But i suppose late is better than never...and I figure as long as I can continue to get stuff up I won't fall too far behind in my blogging food adventures.

Now I wish I could tell you where this next place is, but I really have no idea as I have absolutely no sense of direction in Malaysia whatsoever. One of my uncle's volunteered to buy the family lunch on Sunday, so off we all trooped to May n' Mike's!

I had been told it was homestyle Indian and Portugese...which I thought was a rather interesting mix.

So usually these guys are just your typical restaurant, but on the last Sunday of every month, they have an all you can eat, home cooked Indian food buffet for...20 ringett a head. Seriously?!

For those of us from the western world, it's not quite your buffets in the nice hotels, it's a little more canteen-esque, but easily tastier than anything you'll find at a 5-star-continental-has-absolutely-every-cuisine-covered buffet!

All the vegetarian dishes...

and all the meaty goodies!

Unfortunately as there are no labels here, I had no idea what I was eating most of the time. I'm pretty game though, so I think I pretty much tried everything!

I loved how colourful my plate looked! There was really nothing I didn't like I think...the eggplant was a definite favourite amongst the family and the mutton curry was just so savoury!

Daddy dear felt obliged to help with some photo taking...

I for one am crazy about papadums and I loved that these ones weren't overly oily. My little 3 year old cousin didn't anything else the whole lunch!

My first teh tarik back in Malaysia, seriously, even though I can get it in Melbourne, nothing compares to having it here. It's just so much creamier and sweeter, but not too sweet!

Overall, a meal that was surely enjoyed. I wish I wasn't so tired so I could rave on about it more and I wish I was a cow so I had four stomachs to enjoy buffets with!

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