Monday, December 14, 2009

Allegro, Westin

This is easily one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne I think. I'm really showing off a lot of favourites aren't I...? Will get to trying out new stuff soon...I promise!

But anyway, called up my bestie David and asked if he wanted to do dinner at Westin. I have my mom's Starwood Privellege card, which gives me 50% off the food when you dine with two people, so of course he said yes!

The staff there are some of the best I've ever come across, completely professional, whilst still being incredibly friendly and helpful. There's always a smile in their voice, as well as on their face, but it doesn't feel faked at all. Which is really so pleasant. I just feel so relaxed there.

David and I went for the pre-theater menu. What it is, is, for $48 per person (minimum 2 people) you choose to either have entree and main, or main and dessert, so two courses. Each course has three components to it, which are smaller portions of what they have on the menu, so you get to try more!

For the entree we had a sweet corn veloute, light tempura calamari with mint, red onion and cashew salad and pork and rabbit terrine with chutney and a fennel salad. The sweet corn veloute was lovely and creamy without being too rich, probably my favourite of the three actually! I also really enoyed the salad that the calamari came with, I never really thought much about eating mint, but it was really nice! Very refreshing.

The pork and rabbit terrine, was good, but didn't particularily impress me, it lacked a bit in flavour in comparison to the other dishes and the chutney wasn't as sweet or flavoursome as I usually like it. But ah. Personal taste.

For the main we had stuffed chicken breast (for the life of me I can't remember exactly what was in it...), mushroom and zuchinni risotto and ocean trout with a tempura artichoke, wilted spinach, a mash and vanilla sauce.

I've never been particularily fond of chicken breast, however the peas and the bright orange sauce, which highly appealed to me visually, were quite a treat. The fish, oh the trout was to die for. It was soft and flavoursome, the texture mixed with the mash and the vanilla sauce was just divine. So sweet and succulent. And mushroom risotto. Please, you can't go wrong with that. Not too heavy but lovely and thick, with a gorgeous creamy texture on the tongue. Great flavour.

We surprisingly managed to finish quite a lot! Just the risotto was left about half unfinished...but look at that mound that we were given!

We opted not to have we were, not stuffed, but very satisfied. I was however positively tickled at the little bonus chocolates we were given when we asked for the bill!

Allegro has always been a pleasure to dine at and hopefully will always continue to be.

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  1. I've always been a bit dubious of hotel restaurants but this looks amazing. I too have access to a Starwood card, so I'll be heading there soon.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. Sorry for the late response!

    But yes, I agree, especially in Melbourne where we have os many other great cafes and new restaurants popping up, most hotel restaurants can hardly compare!

    But I think Westin is definetly the exception. I hope you enjoy yourself when you go! :]