Monday, December 14, 2009

Match Bar and Grill

So I'm back in Melbourne! I've skipped a couple of restaurants I did want to put up on here but I got I'm skipping straight to food back in the place I call home.

Last Thursday met up with my friend to go check out the Sartorialist (those of you into fashion blogs would know) then went to Match bar to wait for friends and have dinner before going to see "Where the Wild Things Are".

Now, Match is possibly, one of my favourite bar/places in Melbourne. I always enjoy coming here, the atmosphere is always relaxed, unpretentious, yet classy at the same time. I like that I'm perfectly showing up one day in shorts and flip flops and maybe on another day in my heels and a super pretty cocktail dress.

My favourite haunt would have to be the booths outside. Especially with a friend or two, or three, or four, they end up being very cosy, especially when it's quite cool, as it was. We could cosy up into the booths which acted nicely as wind barriers.

So as we got our food menus, I already knew which cocktail I personal favourite, the Sosho Cooler.

Don't ask, just order. It's light, refreshing and not overly sweet. And goes down in about 1 minute flat.

I liked that they didn't serve too much bread, especially since there was only two of us initially and I don't eat bread since I'm gluten intolerant. My friend on the other hand, is crazy for bread. I particularily enjoyed that the it was served warm and the texture of the crust was great. (Yes maybe I had a smaaallll nibble.)

My friend ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger, which is a nice somewhat compact sized burger, but incredibly juicy and tasty...and with the egg! Match also does some of my favourite fries.

So we made sure to order a side order with alioli, which is just delicious.

I ordered the grilled calamari with tomato salad. A lovely small sized dish, the tomatoes were so sweet and appetizing (to look at and eat!). The calamari was nice, but nothing spectacular. A bit of lemon on the side might've been nice.

We noticed there was one waiter who seems to have a bit of attitude, he never seems happy to do anything for you, which should be a bad thing I suppose, but in our good spirits it just amused us more than anything. The rest of the serving staff however, were lovely and charming, especially this one curly haired waitress that kept popping by to ask how we were doing.

So my verdict? Always pleasant to be there, the cocktails are absolutely delicious and the food is definetly very decent as well.

Match Bar and Grill
249 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
9654 6522

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